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Daryl Watts, Elizabeth Giguere Moving Up All-Time Scoring List

Hockey Canada Cup - Canada v Finland Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Last weekend, Clarkson’s Elizabeth Giguere tallied a single assist, while Wisconsin’s Daryl Watts scored eight points in a sweep over St. Cloud State, bringing the career totals for each player to 225 career points, and into some illustrious territory.

Watts and Giguere are now officially tied for 20th overall on the NCAA women’s all-time career scoring list.

Here’s the official list:

Clarkson has 10 scheduled games remaining plus whatever playoffs are possible this year, while Wisconsin has six on their schedule, plus playoffs, so there is still time for each to move higher up the list. There is also the possibility of each player taking advantage of their extra year of eligibility next season due to this year not counting because of the pandemic. If both Watts and Giguere hit their per game average through the rest of this season and a full season next year, they could potentially join Meghan Agosta in the 300-point club.

It should be noted that official NCAA records only count games beginning in the 2000-2001 season and after, which was the first year the NCAA officially sanctioned women’s hockey as a sport. That distinction excludes some names—Jennifer Botterill, Cammi Granato, Jenny Potter, Angela Ruggiero, and Maria Rooth, among possible others—that would be on the list if all of their points were counted.