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Ohio State Women Penalized For Illegal Jerseys

On Friday night, the Ohio State women’s hockey team unveiled new black jerseys for their game at Minnesota. And by black, I mean, like really black.

As you can see in the photo below, the black jerseys had very dark scarlet numbers, making them almost impossible to read from any kind of distance.

That, according to the NCAA ice hockey rule book, is not allowed. Here is what Rule 9.1 says about uniforms:

Rule 9.2, by the way, states that players must wear skates, which is a pretty good rule.

Anyway, Ohio State got away with the jerseys on Friday night, but were warned after the game that if they wore the jerseys again, they would be penalized. Unfortunately, the Buckeyes had only brought one set of jerseys to Minneapolis, so they had no choice but to wear them again on Saturday afternoon. In violation of the rule, the Buckeyes started the game with a two-minute penalty.

Luckily, the penalty did not cost the Buckeyes. They were able to kill off the penalty, and then took a 1-0 lead at 5:15 into the game on a goal credited to Sophia Jacques, though who knows, given the camouflage Ohio State was wearing.