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2013 USHL Phase One(Futures) Draft Preview

Previewing the first phase of the USHL Draft, for players born in 1997.

The USHL will conduct what is now called their Phase One draft--formerly known as the Futures Draft--Monday evening, beginning at 6pm Central Standard Time. The event can be followed via the USHL's website, broadcast for on, or, ultimately the most reliable option, followed via Twitter(I'll have pretty regular updates at @ChrisDilks).

This year's Phase One draft will be to select players born in 1997. Players selected are placed on the drafting team's affiliate list, and that team can retain their rights for up to three years. The draft will be eight rounds long.

Prior to the draft, teams have the option to sign up to two players to a tender. A tendered player is automatically on that team's roster next season, and must play at least 50% of his team's games. If a team signs one player to a tender, then they forfeit their first round selection in the Phase One draft. If they use both tenders, they forfeit their first and second round picks in the Phase One draft. Here is the list of players that have signed tenders so far for next year:

Green Bay: JR Gates, Aaron O'Neill

Indiana: Cam Askew, Denis Smirnov

Muskegon: Chaz Switzer

Tri-City: Tory Dello

Omaha: Jake Henderson

Fargo: Christian Cakebread

Cedar Rapids: Ivan Provorov

There are a couple other mitigating factors for teams drafting as well. A handful of players in this age group have already signed/committed to play in the Canadian Hockey League in the future. The list of Americans/kids playing in America that will be in the CHL, and thus, not likely to get drafted includes: Tyler Brown, Keoni Teixeira, Ty Comrie, Doug Blaisdell, Jesse Gabrielle, Alec Baer, Troy Henley, and Ryan Moore.

The other factor USHL teams have to consider are players that have already committed to play for the NTDP program next year. Here's a list of the players that have reportedly committed to play for the program. Some of these players might still get chosen, however, specifically if they have a later birthdate, and could possibly play in the USHL for their last year of high school after playing two years at the NTDP.

But even with those top players skimmed off the top of the drafting list, there are still an incredible amount of talented players available to be selected. I've put together of some potential prospects that might be selected in the Phase One draft. The list is limited to players our staff here has seen over the past year, which means it is pretty heavily slanted towards the upper Midwest, while we're likely missing a lot of very good HPHL and east coast players, among many others that will be selected.

I've split the list up into two parts. Tier 1 is a group of players that I feel have a very strong chance of getting drafted on Monday. Tier 2 is players I think have the possibility to get drafted, including a couple I dropped down due to CHL concerns.

Tier 1

Tarek Baker-F -Omaha U16

Jared Bethune-F Warroad HS

Brock Boeser-F- Burnsville HS

Jake Coleman-F- Pittsburgh Jr. Penguins U16

Kevin Conley-F- Wausau West HS

Michael Davies-D- St. Louis Blues U16

Matt Freytag-F- Wayzata HS

Colin Gallagher-D- Henry Sibley HS

Will Garin-F-Holy Family Catholic

Nick Heid-D- Spring Lake Park HS

Robby Jackson-F- LA Jr. Kings U16

Chase Jungels-F- Benilde-St. Margaret’s

Mark Kaske-F- Benilde-St. Margaret’s

Jordan Klehr-D- Shattuck U16

Vasili Kolias-D- Chicago Mission U16

Tanner Laczynski-F-Chicago Mission U16

Ben Newhouse-D- Benilde-St. Margaret’s

Tom Novak-F- St.Thomas Academy

Ethan Price-F- Omaha U16

AJ Robbel-D- Bloomington Jefferson HS

Evan Robert-G- Shattuck U16

Tanner Tweten-F- East Grand Forks HS

Christiano Versich-F-St. Thomas Academy

Daniel Warpecha-F-Chicago Mission U16

Max Zimmer-F- Wayzata HS

Tier 2

Wyatt Aamodt-D- Hermantown Bantam

Jack Ahcan-D- Burnsville HS

Tye Ausmus-D- East Grand Forks

Van Barr-F-Russell Stover U18

Koby Bender -F-Cloquet HS

Josh Biasillo-F - Buffalo Sabres U16

Jonah Bischoff-F- Grand Rapids HS

Alec Broetzman-F- St. Thomas Academy

David Brumm- F-Maple Grove HS

Kris Carlson-G-Washington Caps U16

Joseph Cecconi-D- Buffalo Sabres U16

Jackson Charlesworth- D-Antigo HS

Alex DeBrincat-F-Victory Honda U16

Matt Doran-D- Milwaukee Jr. Admirals U16

Zach Driscoll-G- Eastview HS

Chase Ellingson-F-Breck

Sam Franta-D -Maple Grove HS

Jason Fritsche-F-Cleveland U16

Elliot Gerth-G-Chicago Mission U16

Michael Joyaux-D-Chicago Mission U16

Larry Jungwirth-F- Shattuck U16

Tyler Jutting -D-Mankato West HS

Mason Kohn-F- Shattuck U16

Jason Krych- D-Totino-Grace

Daniel LaPointe-D- Rocky Mountain Rough Riders U16

Joseph Matthews-D-St. Louis U16

Sam McCormick-F- Green Bay Notre Dame

Michael Montambault-F- Victory Honda U16

Keith Muehlbauer-D- Eastview HS

Nathan Noel-F- Shattuck U16

Luke Osterman-D- Omaha U16

Adam Parsells-D- Wausau West HS

Chase Pearson-F- Atlanta Fire U16

Ty Pelton-Byce-F- Madison Memorial HS

Andrew Picco-D-Shattuck U16

Rem Pitlick-F- Shattuck U16

Matthew Pulver-F- Regis/McDonnell/Bloomer HS

Collin Saccoman-D- Shattuck U16

John Schuldt-D- Minnetonka HS

Toby Sengvoxnay -D-Luverne HS

Anthony Stillwell-D- Green Bay Notre Dame

Troy Terry-F- Colorado T-birds U16

Peter Tufto-F- St. Thomas Academy

Keegan Ward-F-West Michigan U16

Blake Wareham-D-Chicago Mission U16