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Northern Michigan's Walt Kyle Renegotiates Contract

Northern Michigan head coach Walt Kyle agreed to terms on a new contract with the school, as reported by Ryan Stieg of The Mining Journal.

Kyle's new contract pays him the same base salary--$170,084--that he received last year. The biggest change is that Kyle's contract now contains a fixed end date of the conclusion of the 2016-2017 season rather than being a rolling contract as it had been previously.

Kyle originally signed as head coach of the Wildcats in the summer of 2002, at a time when rolling contracts were more common, according to a quote from Northern Michigan athletic director Forrest Karr in the article. The current contract now has a set end date, and allows for both sides to mutually agree on an extension prior to the end of the contract.

Kyle was placed on administrative leave from the University in January, forcing him to miss a weekend series against Penn State, but was reinstated by the school five days later.

Kyle has a 237-225-57 record in 13 seasons at Northern Michigan, and led them to an NCAA appearance in 2010.