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WCHA Hobey Candidates

CJ Motte's stats are as good as last season when he was a Hobey Baker finalist
CJ Motte's stats are as good as last season when he was a Hobey Baker finalist
FSU Athletics

The Hobey Baker Award announced the candidates for their fan vote on Wednesday. While the fans' vote counts for a very small percentage of the vote, it is interesting to see the list of players that are under consideration for the award(though it's still possible for players from outside this pool to work their way into the discussion). Seven players from the WCHA were chosen as candidates.

I took a closer look at each of the seven candidates with their statistics(national rank in parentheses), why they might be named a finalist for the award, why they might not, and what their odds are, out of of 10, of making the cut for the final ten finalists for the award.

Bryce Gervais, Junior, Forward, Minnesota State

Scoring line: 19 games, 12 goals(T-6th), 6 assists, 18 points(T-35th)

Why: As mentioned when we profiled him earlier this year, Gervais has a knack for scoring goals. If he leads the nation in goals, and Minnesota State continues to stay among the top teams in the country, he'll get some consideration.

Why Not: Gervais' point totals aren't exceptional. It might be tough for a relatively unknown player to get much support with so many players scoring more than him.

Chances of Making the Final 10: 6/10

Tanner Kero, Senior, Forward, Michigan Tech

Scoring line: 20 games 8 goals(T-35th) 16 assists(T-4th) 24 points(T-6th)

Why: Kero has spearheaded the offensive attack on a resurgent Michigan Tech squad. He's leading the Huskies in scoring and has helped get put them in position to make the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1981.

Why Not: Kero has been a solid contributor over his career, but doesn't really have a reputation as a big scorer, and isn't that well-known.

Chances of Making the Final 10: 7/10

Jean-Paul LaFontaine, Senior, Forward, Minnesota State

Scoring line: 19 games 4 goals 12 assists(T-31st) 16 points(T-67th)

Why: LaFontaine should surpass 125 points and 50 goals for his college career sometime in the second half of the season, which are impressive numbers.

Why Not: LaFontaine just hasn't scored as much as he did last season. He's only the fourth-leading scorer on his own team.

Chances of Making the Final 10: 1/10

Matt Leitner, Senior, Forward, Minnesota State

Scorling line: 19 games 5 goals 15 assists(T-6th) 20 points(T-18th)

Why: Leitner is one of the best passers in college hockey, and over the course of a successful four-year career, has become a more complete all-around player. He's averaging just over a point-per-game on one of the best teams in the country.

Why Not: Leitner's pass-first mentality means he doesn't put up a lot of goals, which means he doesn't stand out as much. With Bryce Gervais also a potential candidate, they might cancel each other out a bit.

Chances of Making the Final 10: 5/10

Tyler Morley, Junior, Forward, Alaska-Fairbanks

Scoring line: 18 games 6 goals(T-95th) 14 assists(T-10th) 20 points(T-18th)

Why: Morley is one of the best-kept secrets in college hockey. On a team not known for huge offensive production, he's a consistently dangerous scoring threat.

Why Not: It's hard for the Nanooks to draw much attention when half of their games are played after the living world goes to bed. It also doesn't help that the Nanooks are ineligible to participate in the postseason. Morley's numbers wouldn't need to be just to get recognized; they'd need to far and away the best in the country.

Chances of Making the Final 10: 2/10

CJ Motte, Senior, Goalie, Ferris State

Stat line: 21 games, 9-11-1 2.02 GAA(23rd) .929 save percentage(18th)

Why: Motte was a finalist last year, and both his goals against average and save percentage are slightly better than last season.

Why Not: Motte is a victim of his own team's lack of offense. While his stats are roughly the same as last year, his record is far, far worse. With the Bulldogs not near the top of the national standings, it's unlikely he'll get the same recognition this year.

Chances of Making the Final 10: 1/10

Jamie Phillips, Junior, Goalie, Michigan Tech

Stat line: 20 games 15-5-0 1.67 GAA(5th), .939 save percentage(5th)

Why: Phillips stellar play in goal has been a huge part of Michigan Tech's turnaround this season. He plays every game for the Huskies and his numbers are among the best in the nation for goalies.

Why Not: Goalie stats have become so inflated that it's difficult for any goalie to stand out that much.

Chances of Making the Final 10: 8/10