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WCHA Announces Streaming TV Package

Ferris State Athletics

Fans of the WCHA--There's a few of them! Probably!--were starting to get antsy with league play beginning this Saturday night with Michigan Tech taking on Lake Superior, and the league not yet announcing any sort of league-wide streaming package similar to what they had last year.

On Tuesday, the league announced, their league-wide streaming package, which will broadcast every WCHA conference game, every non-conference game hosted by a WCHA school--There's a few of them! Probably!--, and the WCHA's FInal Five. Fans will be able to watch games on multiple platforms, including web browsers on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones using iOS and Android operating systems.

Price for the WCHA's streaming package is $160 for the entire season, $50 for a one-month pass, $12 for a daily pass($15 during the playoffs) and $60 for the WCHA playoffs.

That's a slight increase in price from last season when a full season pass cost $150($125 for those who purchased early), and a daily pass cost $8($9 for mobile). That said, the price looks particularly steep when compared with the NCHC's recently announced streaming package which, while showing way less games, only costs $89.95.