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Jon Jutzi Leaves Minnesota State[Updated]

Matt Christians

Last week, junior defenseman Jon Jutzi's name was removed from Minnesota State's roster. We can confirm that Jutzi is no longer a member of team, nor enrolled at Minnesota State.

Jutzi played in all 82 games over his two year stint with the Mavericks, scoring one goals and 14 assists for 15 career points. His modest offensive statistics belie his importance to Minnesota State over the past two seasons. Jutzi played a lot of minutes as a top four defenseman for the Mavericks and was a defensive stalwart.

Minnesota State still has eight defensemen on their roster, so they'll be fine on numbers, even without the ability to add another player with the school year already started. But it is a huge blow to their depth at a position that has lacked for depth in recent years.

UPDATE: Shane Frederick of the Mankato Free Press got a quote from Jutzi, and while Jutzi did not elaborate on the reason for his departure, he did state that he expects to return to Minnesota State after Christmas:

Reached later via a Twitter message, Jutzi said he's off for "Personal reasons that are going to be held between myself and my family. Every intention on returning to MSU after Christmas."

Hastings said that any future changes to the roster could be discussed if and when they occur.

Whatever the issue may be, if Jutzi was able to return for the second half of the season, that would be a huge addition for Minnesota State.