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NCAA Adds to Alaska-Fairbanks Punishments Including Postseason Ban

Jamie Squire

Alaska-Fairbanks had previously cut two scholarships as part of self-imposed sanctions for using ineligible players. Today, rather than accepting that punishment as sufficient for what amounted to a clerical error by a small athletic department that wasn't equipped to handle the NCAA's endless bureaucracy, the NCAA decided to tack on more punishment.

The additional penalties include: another scholarship lost, an NCAA tournament post-season ban for this season, and vacating all wins between 2007 and 2011 when the violations occurred.

Again, go back and look at what Alaska-Fairbanks actually did in that first link and see if you can reconcile that with this year's team not being given a chance to compete in the NCAA tournament.

In related news, the NCAA is likely to collapse in the coming years under its' own hypocrisy, and we'll all probably be better people for it.