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Michigan at Michigan Tech 1983 Game Program

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USCHO poster 'John J. MacInnes' put online the game program from the last time Michigan played a game in Houghton against Michigan Tech on November 11-12, 1983, and it's pretty neat.

Among the things that stood out to me:

-That's current Michigan Tech head coach Mel Pearson on the cover with the mustache and headset. Pearson was in his second year of coaching as an assistant at his alma mater. Meanwhile, it now seems impossible that this was an era that existed, but Red Berenson was not the head coach at Michigan. This was the final year for John Giordano as head coach of Michigan before he was replaced by Berenson the following year.

-Cooper was the big name in hockey equipment back then, and you can probably see why they aren't anymore. This was still a few years away from the infamous XL7 helmet, which Wikipedia informs is now valued mostly for creating replicas of Crow T. Robot from Mystery Science Theatre 3000(!). But this was still the heyday of the full-length Cooperall pant, hockey's sartorial nadir.

-Looking over the Michigan roster, you could field a pretty decent Second Generation team. The fathers of Western Michigan's Neal Goff, Notre Dame's Bo Brauer, former Ohio State forward Danny Dries, NTDP star forward Max Jones, and decent OHL player Myles McCauley are all on the roster

-As pointed out by Jack Hittinger of the Bemidji Pioneer, Michigan goalie Mark Chiamp hails from "East Detroit, Michigan". East Detroit changed the name of its' city in 1992 to "Eastpointe, Michigan" hoping to remove any association with the city of Detroit, and drawing more association with the affluent suburb Grosse Pointe.

-Gail Sweeting is credited as the 'typesetter' for the program. Ask your grandparents, kids.

-The Great Lakes Invitational used to be referred to as the GLIT. I think we're all thankful they shortened that to the initialism GLI.

-Ohio State was ranked number one in the country, and would go on to a school-best 30-10-1 record, but dd not make the 8-team NCAA tournament. Instead, cross-state rivals Bowling Green, coached by Jerry York, would go on to win the NCAA tournament.

-Two-thirds of Michigan State's current coaching staff(Tom Anastos and Kelly Miller) was tied for the CCHA league lead in goal scoring.

-Current WCHA linesman Bruce Vida's father, Bruce Vida Sr. was listed on the CCHA's roster of officials.

-For you younger kids, Illinois-Chicago used to be a thing, and they were members of the CCHA. For you even younger kids, the CCHA used to be a thing. The Flames of UIC were in  their second season as a member of the CCHA in 83-84. They would remain in the league until the end of the 95-96 season, when they dropped their program.