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USA Hockey Announces Hlinka Gretzky Cup Roster

USA Hockey announced their roster for the upcoming 2021 Hlinka Gretzky Cup, which will be held August 2-7 in the Czech Republic.

The Hlinka Gretzky Cup is a U-18 tournament—players born in 2004 or earlier—held every summer that is sort of the unofficial kick-off for the following year’s NHL Draft. The US chooses to send their best non-NTDP players—the NTDP gets ample opportunity at international play during the season-- to the event, selected from the Select 17 Player Development camp. That usually puts the United States at a disadvantage for the tournament, sending what is closer to their B-team while other countries are sending their best, but it is a tremendous opportunity for those US players to put themselves on the radar for the upcoming draft, and showcase the incredible depth in the US system.

Here is the US roster for the event: