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USA Hockey Officially Announces NTDP U-17 Team

A strong defense will lead the U17s next year.

Richard Wolowicz

USA Hockey has officially released the roster for next season's NTDP U17 team. The team, made up of players born in 1997, will compete in the USHL next season, along with various international tournaments, including the World U17 Challenge in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Most of the names on the list have long been rumored for months. The final addition to the roster came earlier this week when Chicago Mission forward Michael Floodstand was added to the roster.

Here is the press release announcing all 22 players on next year's squad.

The strength of this team will almost certainly be on the blue line with potential super stars Noah Hanifin(Boston College commit) and Zach Werenski, along with other high potential players like Christian Evers(North Dakota recruit) and Nick Boka(Michigan recruit).

At forward, the team will likely lean on players like Dennis Yan, Luke Kirwan, Matthew Tkachuk(Notre Dame recruit), and Brendan Warren(Michigan recruit).

It's tough to tell just what the US has in goal right now, since projecting goalies at this age is so difficult, but the US does have two kids with great size and a lot of upside.

In addition to the players listed on the roster, forward Brody Stevens and defenseman Grant Gabriele will practice with the team, and could potentially join the squad in case of injury.