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Troy Stecher Signs with Vancouver Canucks

Matt Christians

North Dakota free agent junior defenseman Troy Stecher has signed with the Vancouver Canucks.

Stecher was one of the top free agents available in college hockey this season and with a multitude of options to start his pro career, it's no surprise to see the Vancouver-area native choose his hometown team. He already owns this sweet vintage jersey:

We ranked Stecher as the best NHL free agent in college hockey this season, and the 19th-best overall NHL prospect in the NCAA this year:

Stecher is one of the most dynamic defenders in the NCAA. His exceptional skating ability allows him to get up the ice and become a fourth attacker on the offensive rush, while still being able to get back and cover defensively. Stecher should be a perfect fit for the possession-oriented style of play in the NHL that values defensemen that can contribute offensively as well as play solid defense.