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Donald Trump Jr. Wears Miami Hockey Jersey

trump miami jersey
No possible way this photo will come back to haunt Miami

Donald Trump Jr. held a campaign event for his father on Monday at Miami University, because who else is going to do it at this point. As part of the festivities, Trump Jr. was presented with, and proudly wore, a Miami hockey jersey.

Shortly after the event, Miami head coach Rico Blasi took to Twitter to make it clear that the jersey ceremony was in no way any sort of endorsement:

This isn’t the first time the world of college hockey has loosely crossed over into the world of politics. President Obama was presented with a Nebraska Omaha hockey jersey last January while giving a speech at UNO’s new Baxter Arena.

Obama created minor controversy in the college hockey world, however, when his administration ended the tradition of inviting the men’s national champion to the White House for a visit in 2014(though the following year’s national champ, Providence, was honored in the US Senate).

The most infamous college hockey/politics crossover, however, came in 2008, when University of Minnesota head coach Don Lucia spoke at a rally for the John McCain/Sarah Palin. That speech preceded a tough year for both, as McCain suffered a landslide electoral defeat to Barack Obama in November, and Lucia’s Gophers failed to make the NCAA Tournament for the first time in eight seasons.