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Wade Murphy Transfer to Arizona State

Matt Christians

After dressing in just 35 games through two seasons, and scoring just four assists in those 35 games, North Dakota rising sophomore Wade Murphy announced that he would be transferring earlier this summer. On Tuesday, Murphy announced that he would be transferring to Arizona State:

Murphy had originally committed to play college hockey at Merrimack, but after a very strong final season in the BCHL, he switched his commitment to North Dakota. After that season, he was selected in the seventh round of the 2013 NHL Draft by the Nashville Predators.

But that success didn't carry over to North Dakota. He was in and out of the line-up in both seasons and was never able to produce much in the way of offense. The change of scenery and increased opportunities playing for a fledgling team may serve Murphy well. He will sit out next season as a transfer year before having two years of eligibility remaining to play for the Sun Devils.