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North Dakota and Minnesota Considering Game in Las Vegas For Some Reason

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In an idea that must have come about when a high-ranking athletic official said, "Siri, I have too much money, what's a great way to blow it?" into his iPhone, and she responded, "Vegas, baby," North Dakota and Minnesota are considering playing a single game in Las Vegas in 2018.

und vegas tweet

This guy doesn't get college hockey.

While taking away an intense rivalry game from all but the deepest-pocketed fans able to fly halfway across the country for a single hockey game, one must also consider the spectacle of an event like this, which will take place off the Las Vegas strip in an ECHL arena that is quite a bit smaller than the rink either team normally plays in. There is also the tertiary benefit of emphasizing North Dakota's connection to Las Vegas by way of a former Vegas casino magnate whose name graces North Dakota's arena and was also an alleged Nazi sympathizer.

Otherwise, this sounds like a fantastic, fun idea.