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NCHC Announces New League Streaming Package

NCHC commissioner Josh Fenton
NCHC commissioner Josh Fenton
Matt Christians

The National Collegiate Hockey Conference unveiled a new streaming package called on Wednesday that will allow fans to stream every league game this season.

The press release says "nearly" every game will be streamed live and made available on-demand for network subscribers(Any games at Magness Arena in Denver won't be made available, and games on CBSSN and other television entities are subject to blackout as well). The league will also make things like highlight packages available for free through the network.

The price to gain streaming access for the entire league is $89.95($81.95 for those that buy before September 25th), or an individual team package can be purchased for $74.95(Denver is not eligible for an individual team pass).

Overall, it's very similar to the streaming package put together by the WCHA last season, which seemed to go well for the league. The NCHC tried free live streaming of their first round playoff match-ups last year, which also worked well for the league.   With the idea of lucrative national television contracts proving to be a pipe dream, streaming video is most likely the wave of the future for college hockey.