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North Dakota Zane Gothberg Legally Changes Last Name to McIntyre

Matt Christians

The University of North Dakota announced on Thursday that starting goalie Zane Gothberg has legally changed his last name to 'McIntyre'.

McIntyre, formerly Gothberg, laid out his reasons for the switch in a press release from the school.

"My grandmother and my mother have been very influential in my life," said McIntyre. "With the passing of my grandmother and my mother getting re-married, as well as my sister getting married, I’ve made the personal choice to carry on the family name in their honor."

McIntyre's grandmother was very influential in the goalie's upbringing, and his love of the University of North Dakota. Last year, McInytre had a caricature of his grandmother on the back of his mask with the inscription 'Love you, Grandma Susie'. Now, he'll have the opportunity to wear her name on the back of his jersey as well.

McIntyre is expected to be one of the top goalies in college hockey this season after leading North Dakota to the Frozen Four last year. Apologies in advance to Mr. McIntyre on the numerous times we'll probably screw up his name his year.