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NCHC Streaming All First Round Playoff Games for Free

Every NCHC first round playoff series will be available online for free.

Matt Christians

The NCHC will play four best-of-three quarterfinal series this weekend, and on Wednesday night, the league announced that every single one of them will be streamed online at no charge . The league will also stream the following weekend's third place game at the Frozen Face-off, with both semifinals and the championship game available on CBS Sports Network.

It's a nice move by the league to try and hook fans in by giving them access to the most important and exciting games of the season. The move also stands in stark contrast to the WCHA, who announced earlier this week that they will be charging everyone--including fans that had already purchased a season-long streaming pass--$9 per game to stream their playoff games this weekend.

NCHC playoff action begins this evening when Denver plays at Nebraska-Omaha. The stream of that game will be here.