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WCHA and NCHC Referees Announced

Some new names join a list of very familiar ones.

Bruce Bennett

Brad Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald compiled a list of the referees that would be representing the NCHC and WCHA this upcoming year.

Here are the lists for the two leagues:


Andy Thiessen (AHL/ECHL) Joe Sullivan (AHL/ECHL) Nick Krebsbach (AHL/ECHL) Steve Patafie (AHL) Dan Dreger (CHL) Brian Aaron (CCHA) C.J. Beaurline (WCHA) Scott Bokal (WCHA) Tom Sterns (WCHA) Todd Anderson (WCHA) Derek Shepherd (WCHA) Brad Shepherd (WCHA) Tim Walsh (WCHA) Brian Thul (WCHA)


Chris Perreault Jared Moen Brad Albers Justin Brown Peter Friesema Marco Hunt Brett Klosowski Butch Mousseaux Kevin Hall (CCHA) Kevin Langseth (CCHA) Keith Surgott (CCHA) Mark Wilkins (CCHA) Rodney Tocco (CCHA) Tommy Albindia (CHL/USHL) Bobby Lukkason (USHL) Brady Johnson (USHL) Mike Elam (USHL) *Derek Shepherd (part time) *Brad Shepherd (part time)

In general, it looks like the NCHC got the first pick of the two leagues, and ended up with the higher quality of officials.