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Nebraska-Omaha Coach Dean Blais, Jaycob Megna Suspended Three Games for Impermissible Benefit

Nebraska-Omaha will be without their coach and a key defenseman for three games after an NCAA violation

Dave Harwig

Nebraska-Omaha head coach Dean Blais, and UNO defenseman Jaycob Megna were each suspended three games by their school, as a result of Megna receiving an impermissible benefit from Blais, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

The cause of the suspension seems far less nefarious than it sounds. Megna had a $400 watch stolen out of the Nebraska-Omaha locker room last season. After hearing that Megna had purchased a new watch to replace the stolen one, Blais paid Megna the $400 to replace the watch, which is technically considered an impermissible benefit in the eyes of the NCAA. Ironically, if Nebraska-Omaha had filled out the proper paperwork with the NCAA, the school would have been allowed to reimburse Megna for the watch.

Megna was forced by NCAA rule to sit out Nebraska-Omaha's next three contests. Blais only would have been subject to a one-game NCAA suspension, but the school opted for a three-game suspension to match the punishment Megna will face.

The Mavericks' next three contests will be a two-game road series at New Hampshire, and a home conference game against Minnesota-Duluth. Blais is allowed to travel with the team, and can continue to coach the team until one hour prior to game time, at which point he can have no further contact with them.