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Charges Dropped Against UNO's Simonson

Alex Simonson had a disorderly conduct charge dropped after accuser fails to appear in court.

Charges filed against Nebraska-Omaha forward Alex Simonson, stemming from an incident outside an Omaha bar in August that saw teammates Preston Hodge and Matt White kicked off UNO's team, have been dropped, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

Simonson appeared in court on Monday to face charges for disorderly conduct, but the charges were dropped when his accuser, Lamar Triplett, failed to appear to provide testimony.  Reached for comment,  Triplett told the World-Herald that he was just glad the incident was over with, and felt the parties responsible had already been punished enough.

Simonson's defense attorney wanted to make it clear that his client didn't just escape punishment on a technicality, saying that they were ready to present multiple witnesses to testify that Simonson's only involvement in the incident was coming to the aid of Hodge after Hodge was knocked unconscious in the brawl.Char