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WHL Bantam Draft: Jett Woo

Player: Jett Woo

Position: Defense

Team: Winnipeg Warriors Bantam AAA

2014-2015 stats: 31 games 10-27-37

Woo made Manitoba's U16 provincial team this past winter as an underage player, and is projected as a top ten pick in this year's WHL Draft. He's physically mature for his age, measuring at about 6'0" 190 lbs. He's very strong on his skates and protects the puck well, making it incredibly difficult to knock him off the puck. He handles pressure well and has excellent first step agility which allows him to skate his way out of trouble.

His passing is okay, but he prefers to skate the puck up the ice himself. He shows good aggressiveness and sense in skating the puck up the ice or joining in the offensive rush, though there is room for his stride to become more fluid and powerful.

On the defensive end, he doesn't shy away from contact and can play a punishing physical game.

The early physical development causes some concern about his long-term upside, but he has the physical tools to be an aggressive force on the blue line.