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USHL: Colin DeAugustine Makes Save of the Year to Extend Record Win Streak

Last Friday, Youngstown(USHL) goalie Colin DeAugustine made what might be the save of the year in a game against the Waterloo Blackhawks.

Even the goal horn operator in Waterloo thought it was a goal.

Not only was this a beautiful save, but it's all the more impressive when you understand what was at stake when DeAugustine made that save.

The Phantoms were tied 1-1 with 1:01 remaining in the third period at the time of that save. A Waterloo goal there puts them down 2-1 with a minute to play and they more than likely lose the game. Just 17 seconds later, Youngstown forward Josh Nenadal scored for the Phantoms to give them a 2-1 lead, which they held for victory. That win was Youngstown's 15th victory in a row. They would add wins on Saturday and Sunday to extend their win streak to 17 games, the longest such streak since the USHL became a Tier I league in 2002.