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USHL: Des Moines Fined for Player Tampering

Des Moines incurs a heavy fine after trying to poach a player.

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Multiple sources have told SBN College Hockey, that the USHL has fined the Des Moines Buccaneers $10,000 for tampering with a player on the Lincoln Stars affiliate list.

The alleged violation occurred shortly after the USHL's Phase II Draft. Des Moines, who is currently without a head coach after head Jon Rogger resigned/was forced out of his job two weeks ago, is reportedly close to hiring a former coach of the Lincoln Stars.

That coach allegedly asked a player on the Stars affiliate to request a trade to Des Moines after Des Moines drafted one of that player's teammates in the USHL's Phase II Draft. Word of that request made it back to Lincoln's management, who were understandably upset and reported the violation to the league, resulting in the large fine for Des Moines.