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2013 NAHL Showcase Preview

80 teams come to Blaine in one of the year's best scouting opportunities.

The 11th annual NAHL Showcase kicks off this Wednesday at the Schwan's Super Rink in Blaine, Minnesota, and for the eighth consecutive year, I'll be there to cover it. The tournament is, I believe, the largest hockey tournament held at a single venue in the world, with 80 teams using all eight rinks at the facility almost non-stop through Sunday.

The tournament will feature each NAHL team playing four games over four days, the season-opening games for the North American Prospects Hockey League, this week's installment of the Upper Midwest Elite League's games, and games for the High Performance AAA League, which this year, will feature both the U18 and 16 divisions. To see the complete schedule of games, as well as other pertinent information about the tournament, check out the official NAHL Showcase website.

There's always a lot of great players to come through this tournament, and always some great hockey played. It's one of the busiest and most fun weeks of the season. For updates during the tournament, follow @ChrisDilks on Twitter, and we should have a lot of really good recruiting content right here next week following the tournament.