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USHL Game Postponed After Player Suffers Seizure in Fight Injury(Updated)

Dubuque's Dylan Chanter was seriously injured in a fight Saturday evening.

In the United States Hockey League tonight, the game between the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders and Dubuque Fighting Saints had to be postponed after a young Dubuque defenseman suffered a very scary injury as a result of a fight.

Details are still scarce,  but here is what is known. Dylan Chanter, a defenseman, less than a month removed from his 18th birthday,  that is currently committed to the University of New Hampshire was involved in a fight mid-way through the second period of the game, with Dubuque trailing 2-0. During that fight, Chanter fell and hit his head on the ice, then suffered what appeared to be a seizure on the ice. Cedar Rapids Gazette reporter Jeff Johnson reports Chanter convulsed for nearly two minutes, and laid on the ice or 15 minutes before paramedics arrived.

Chanter was transported to a local hospital, and a decision was made not to continue the game. Dubuque sent out a press release saying that Chanter was conscious while being transported to the hospital.

Best wishes go out to Chanter in hopes for a speedy and full recovery. It's a shame to see such a traumatic injury happen to someone so young, especially in a situation that seems so unnecessary.


Thankfully, there's a lot of good news to report late Saturday evening.

Chanter tweeted from the hospital that we have awake and okay:

Meanwhile, the USHL  reports that Chanter has been released from the hospital and will return to Dubuque with his team.