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Zamboni Failure: Notre Dame-Northeastern suspended game called a two-period tie

BOSTON -- One of two zambonis broke down on the Matthews Arena ice Sunday afternoon, resulting in a suspended game between Northeastern and Notre Dame. The teams played to a scoreless tie through two periods.

One zamboni eventually towed the other off the ice, but too much damage was done to the playing surface near the right face-off circle in the zone Notre Dame would have been defending in the third period.

The original plan called for the game ending in a tie after officials examined the ice surface following an hour-long delay, but Notre Dame head coach Jeff Jackson and Northeastern coach Jim Madigan are discussing the possibility of resuming the game at a later date if scheduling allows.

Hockey East released a statement shortly after 8:30 p.m. Sunday, noting a final decision on the final outcome of the game will be made by the league's executive committee later this week. The suspension was in accordance with Rule 82.5 of the NCAA Ice Hockey Rules Book.

UPDATE (Nov. 16, 5 p.m.): Hockey East issued a follow-up release deeming the game official after two periods. "The schools attempted to find a workable date on which to resume play but were unable to do so," the statement said.

Junior Jake Theut made 22 saves for Northeastern in his first collegiate start, including 12 in the second period. Notre Dame had a 22-16 shot advantage through 40 minutes.