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Could the 2016 Beanpot Move to Northern Ireland in?

Apparently it could if the mayor of Boston gets his way.

A group is putting together a bid to host the 2016 Beanpot tournament at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and already has the support of Boston mayor Marty Walsh, according to this article from the BBC.

Boston and Belfast officially became sister cities in May of this year, and apparently both parties think paying one of college hockey's most iconic tournaments--played annually in the city of Boston since 1952-- overseas in 2016 is the right way to foster that relationship.

Overseas games have become more popular in college football, with both Notre Dame and Penn State playing games at Dublin's Croke Park in recent years. And Michigan State played a basketball game on a boat for some reason. But outside of the occasional exhibition in Canada, college hockey hasn't tried those types of flashy gimmick games.

The next step in the process appears to be coming in October, when the Odyssey Trust group will meet with Mayor Walsh in Boston and will discuss the possibility with representatives from the four schools and the NCAA.