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Video of Notre Dame Disallowed Goal vs. UMass Lowell


Notre Dame appeared to take a 3-2 third period lead with just over 13 minutes remaining in regulation on Friday night thanks to a power play goal by Austin Wuthrich. But after a lengthy video review, the goal was over-turned by the Hockey East officiating crew working the game. No more goals would be scored and the game would end in a 2-2 tie.

The officials would ultimately decide that Notre Dame forward Thomas DiPauli screened UMass Lowell goalie Kevin Boyle while DiPauli was in the crease. which counts as goaltender interference. After the game, Notre Dame wasn't thrilled about the decision.

Was it a legit call? Here is video of the play so that you can decide:

A very close play, but I think that's a good goal. Here's two screengrabs from the video that helped me decide.

The first comes right as Gross is shooting the puck. As you can see, DiPauli is screening Boyle, but is standing outside the crease:

notre dame no goal

That appears to be a legal screen of the goaltender.

Photo #2:

notre dame no goal #2

DiPauli shifts his weight a little bit, and his right foot definitely goes into the crease, but by the time he does, you can see that the puck is already in the crease and about to go past Boyle. DiPauli doesn't impede Boyle's ability to stop the puck once he actually enters the crease because the play is already over.

It's a very close play, but I don't see any indisputable video evidence to overturn the call. Maybe you saw it differently though? Let us know what you think of the call in the comments.