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Providence's Leaman Takes Issue to League

Providence coach Nate Leaman has taken issue with a no-goal call not being reviewed. According to a report by Mark Divver in today's Providence Journal, he has contacted the league about the issue in question.

Following a hard fought 3-3 tie with Boston University Saturday night, Providence coach Nate Leaman expressed his displeasure about the officiating. There were two controversial calls involving goals or potential goals on the evening.

Just five minutes into the game, Providence appeared to score what looked like the first goal of the evening, but the officials waived it off and refused to review it.

In the third period, BU's Danny O'Regan scored the game-tying goal that was initially waived off before being reviewed and called a goal by referee Kevin Keenan.

Leaman has no qualms that the O'Regan goal was in fact a goal. However, the second year coach was livid that the referees refused to review the potential PC goal in the first period. "I'm upset that [the referees] didn't review the first period goal for us, but reviewed their goal. We have video replay for a reason," stated Leaman in the post-game press conference.

According to a report by Mark Divver in today's Providence Journal, Leaman has contacted the Supervisor of Officials for Hockey East to discuss the matter further.

The Friars, currently in fourth place, play at Maine Friday night in Hockey East action for their lone game of the weekend.