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Hockey East Power Rankings: At long last, order is restored

Finally, there's some semblance of order here.

We've been waiting for these power rankings all year, haven't we?

1. Boston College

Their grip on the top spot would be a bit less tenuous if they'd been able to tie or sweep UNH on Saturday night, but their dominant performance on Friday night has them comfortably here, nonetheless - even if it was against a Wildcat squad that was admittedly uninterested.

2. UNH

Not for nothing, the 'Cats bounced back from a terrible showing on Friday night with a stellar outing on Saturday. Still, Casey DeSmith isn't what he once was - sure, we all expected a regression to the norm at some point, but he's nearly gone past it now.

3. Boston University

Forgotten in the hubbub surrounding BC and UNH was a strong 4-1 victory over Merrimack on Saturday night. The Terriers might not be on the level of the teams above them, but they're alone on the next step down.

4. Lowell

Of course, BU may be sharing that step pretty soon. The RiverHawks converted on 33.3% of their power play opportunities en route to a decisive four-point weekend in Burlington, and are starting to click at the right time.

5. Providence

The Friars' visit to the Tsongas Center on Thursday will be a very telling one; the RiverHawks are hot, and Providence has gotten some really solid work from Jon Gillies. One of those two trends will be broken, and it's probably going to be the one involving Gillies.

6. Merrimack

The battle for the last three playoff spots is going to be an intense one, but the Warriors shouldn't have any trouble getting in. It's tough to imagine that they'll have a whole lot of success once they're there, however.

7. UMass

By virtue of Vermont's tough weekend, the Minutemen are here. That's it.

8. Vermont

It's hard to believe that there's anywhere to go but up from here for the Cats, especially when you look at what's beneath them.

9. Northeastern

When you only score once against the worst team in the conference, that's a bad weekend.

10. Maine

When you only score once and lose a 6-0 decision, that's worse.