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Hockey East Power Rankings: Providence Makes a Move

After a weekend in which neither UNH nor BC earned a win, it'd be easy to put the one team that's beaten them both this season in the top slot. Unfortunately, we're not such suckers for a cheap thrill, so while BU is certainly a lot closer to the top than they are to the spot below them, they've still got something to prove to merit a jump.

1. UNH

I tried to convince myself that BC deserved this spot after taking a point against Providence on Friday night, but I just couldn't do it. Casey DeSmith may be giving up more goals lately than he had during the first seven weeks of the season, but he's about to get three weeks off. The question is whether or not UNH reverts to traditional second-half form or not.

2. Boston College

You don't lose ground for tying a quality Providence team, but you don't gain it for being unable to close out lesser competition, either. The added pressure of getting Jerry York his 925th win is now something that the Eagles get to think about for 22 days. Then again, Alabama-Huntsville isn't likely to be the team that makes BC and York wait any longer.

3. Boston University

It's been a really strong nine days for the Terriers, who would likely be higher on this poll if they'd been able to stay out of the Conte Forum penalty box last Saturday against BC. But heading into vacation on the backs of solid defensive efforts isn't a bad way to go.

4. Providence

In a conference where nobody's wanted to challenge the top three teams, Providence looks like it might finally be that team.

5. Merrimack

In past years, tying Harvard wouldn't be an enviable result. But this isn't the Harvard team we've been watching lately, either.

6. Lowell

A victory over an increasingly-depleted Northeastern squad isn't much to hoot about, but the Riverhawks are starting to round into the form everyone expected them to before the season started.

7. Vermont

Brody Hoffman didn't have his best game against Dartmouth, but he kept the Cats in a road game against a quality team, and Vermont deserves credit for that. Besides, nobody else seems interested in making the playoffs.

8. UMass

Colgate's hardly a world-beater, so you'd think that the Minutemen would have been able to do some damage in two home games against the Raiders. Alas, here we are.

9. Maine

You can't point fingers after a 1-0 loss, and Maine won't. But this is still a team that has the pieces that could take them places, and they just aren't doing it.

10. Northeastern

The Huskies can't score, can't stop teams from scoring and can't even keep their own players on the roster. It could be a very long winter for Jim Madigan.