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Minnesota State Tournament All Hockey Hair Team

One of the grand traditions of the Minnesota State High School Tournament has become the unveiling of the All Hockey Hair Team. The folks at Game On! Minnesota create a video every year after the completion of the tournament, highlighting some of the best hockey hair and facial hair shown by the players during their big pre-game introductions on the first day of the tournament.

This year's video has been released, and once again, it is magnificent as you might expect with many players very obviously trying hard to get mentioned on this video. All that competition means that this year's video is one of the best yet. It keeps things simple and lets the hair do the talking.

Also, pay attention for a special guest cameo from what must be a very intoxicated Barry Melrose.

Without further ado, here is this year's video:

Congrats to this year's winners. Now please go visit your barber.