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Upper Midwest High School Elite League Rosters Announced

The high school all-star league skews younger this year.

The rosters for the 2013 Upper Midwest Elite League season were released today. The Elite League is an all-star league for high school hockey players in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin to provide a higher level of competition and extensive scouting opportunities before the actual high school season begins.

Just the skaters were announced today, with goalies being announced at a later date. Here's a few notes about the players selected.

-While it's not exactly official, some of the names missing from the roster would seem to indicate which players are going to be playing in the USHL next year, rather than high school hockey. 2013 NHL Draft picks Teemu Kivihalme and Avery Peterson aren't listed, while 2014 Draft prospects like Austin Poganski and Hunter Warner, among others aren't listed.

-As a result, the league tends to a be a bit younger this year, with a number of players coming out of the very deep '97 birth year. While that may not be good news for NHL scouts, it's great for NCAA coaches, because it will give them a good opportunity to evaluate a number of very talented uncommitted prospects.

-Continuing on the theme of younger players, Hill-Murray's Joey Anderson will be the first 9th grader to skate in the top league in quite some time(off the top of my head, I want to say Jordan Schroeder was the last, but I may be missing one or two since). He'll be joined on the Northeast team by fellow '98 Austen Long. A few other '98s may get into a few games as alternates, as well.

-This is also the first year in some time that the Elite League acknowledged southern Minnesota, outside of the occasional player from private school Rochester Lourdes. Mankato West's Derek Frentz and Tyler Jutting will get the opportunity to play.

-Judging by the number of players they had selected, expect strong years from Blaine, Wayzata, East Grand Forks, Hill-Murray, St. Thomas Academy, and Holy Family.