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Minnesota State Hockey Tournament Bracket Released

St. Thomas Academy and Hill-Murray earn top seeds


The brackets were released for the Minnesota State high school hockey tournament this morning. The top 5 teams in each bracket were seeded. Here is what they look like:

In Class A, which begins its' quarterfinal round on Wednesday:

#2 Breck vs. Marshall HS-- 11am

#Hermantown vs. Duluth Marshall--1pm

#1 St. Thomas Academy vs. St. Cloud Apollo--6pm

#4 East Grand Forks vs. #5 Rochester Lourdes--8pm

I might have considered switching Hermantown and East Grand Forks, but ultimately it doesn't matter much. The deck is so stacked in favor of private schools in Class A that this tourney is basically about St. Thomas Academy, Breck, and then everybody else way behind them.

In Class AA, which begins quarterfinal play on Thursday:

#2 Duluth East vs. Moorhead--11am

#3 Edina vs. Lakeville North--1pm

#1 Hill-Murray vs. Eastview--6pm

#4 Wayzata vs. #5 Centennial--8pm

This one is pretty wide open. Hill-Murray and Wayzata are my two favorites heading into the tournament, but find themselves on the same side of the bracket. The draw looks pretty wide open for Duluth East, but everyone here is a pretty good team, and just about anyone can beat anyone.