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Mound HS Places Activites Director on Leave After Hockey Suspensions

Players Wrongly Suspended After Shooting 'Harlem Shake' video in cafeteria.

Mound-Westonka High School came into the Section 2A playoffs as the number two-seeded team in the bracket, hoping for a miracle upset over powerhouse Breck to earn a trip to their state tournament. Instead, Mound lost their first playoff game to seventh seed Blake, by a score of 6-4, after six players were suspended by their school for taking part in creating a Harlem Shake video in the school cafeteria, just hours before the playoff game.

After the loss, Dion Koltes, the school's activities director and man responsible for the suspensions, had to be escorted from the arena by police as he faced the wrath of angry Mound parents for his decision. On Monday evening at a very contentious school board meeting, it was announced that Koltes had been placed on administrative leave. The announcement was reportedly met with a loud ovation from the public in attendance, estimated to number well into the hundreds.At the meeting, which was covered in detail on Twitter by @ChargerGameday, parents of the suspended players claimed that filming the video, which the director was granted permission to shoot, created no damage other than one spilled lunch tray, and that the suspended players received no warnings, and were given no indication that they had done anything wrong until they were told by administrators that they were suspended, despite those administrators not seeing the video in question.

The players involved were originally suspended for two days, and issued $75 tickets by local police for engaging in "riot-like behavior". On Sunday, the school announced it had eliminated the second day of the suspensions, and were urging police to rescind the tickets issued, which the police obliged, though it came as little consolation to the players who had already seen their high school hockey careers end because of the decision. At Monday's meeting, the school's superintendent accepted responsibility for mishandling the incident and apologized to the crowd.