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ECAC Reportedly Moving to Two Division System For This Season

Photo Gallery: Harvard Crimson vs. Yale Bulldogs Matt Dewkett

College hockey conferences and their individual programs have spent the summer coming up with various contingency plans for the now-delayed college hockey season. With so much still unknown, leagues have understandably been very quiet on what those various contingency plans might entail. But as we move closer to a potential start to the season, some of those plans are starting to leak out.

Mike McMahon of College Hockey News reported on a potential plan for the ECAC last night:

It makes sense for the league to separate itself in this way, both in terms of limiting travel and because New York state has been extremely strict in regulations regarding Covid-19 after being hit hard in the early stages of the pandemic.

The insular nature of the schedule also eliminates some headaches if one team, or a group of teams in a specific area has to suspend play, either for their own outbreak or an outbreak in their area.

As has been our refrain for a while now, this won’t look anything like a regular college hockey season. But at least it provides a road map for some sort of competition this season.