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Brown Settles for Tie After Video Replay Fails


Brown settled for a 3-3 tie last night in an ECAC road game against RPI. But it sure appeared that the Bears had scored an overtime winner for their second consecutive overtime victory in the final minute of overtime when Tyler Bird's shot from the slot ricocheted into the net.

Watching the video of the play, especially from the overheard angle, it's pretty clear that it is a good goal. Bird's shot deflects into the crease. RPI's Zach Schroeder dives for the puck and tries to knock it out, but knocks it off the back of the leg of goalie Cam Hackett and it deflects into the net. The whistle doesn't blow until well after the puck is in the net either.

Here's video of the goal, which starts at 2:05 of the video:

So if it's that obvious that it should have been a good goal, what happened? The Times-Union reported after the game that the press box replay system failed and officials were unable to get an overheard shot of the play in question. With no further visual evidence, they were forced to stick with their initial call on the ice of no goal.