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2018 NHL Draft: New England Prep Hockey Prospects

The list of 2018 NHL Draft prospects from New England prep hockey has been updated to include viewings at the Tier I Labor Day Faceoff and ECC Labor Day Cup:

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2018 NHL Draft: NE Prep Hockey Prospects

Player DOB Pos. S/C Ht/Wt Team Hometown NCAA Commit Strengths Weaknesses NHL Draft Grade (Round) 2017 USA Hockey Select 17 Camp 2017-18 Viewing #1 2017-18 Viewing #2
Player DOB Pos. S/C Ht/Wt Team Hometown NCAA Commit Strengths Weaknesses NHL Draft Grade (Round) 2017 USA Hockey Select 17 Camp 2017-18 Viewing #1 2017-18 Viewing #2
O'Brien, Jay 11/4/99 C R 5-11/180 Thayer Hingham, Mass. Providence Shot, explosive skater, sees ice well, finds seams in opposing D Size 3-4 N/A NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): O'Brien skates well enough and has a good enough shot to make up for not having the biggest frame. He made a nice cut up the middle, cut to the right upon zone entry and found his LW at the far post for a great scoring chance. He did a good job finding seams in the opposing defense and getting shots off. On more than one occasion he started the transition by jumping on a puck in his own zone. Tier I Labor Day (9/1): O'Brien was able to completely take over his team's game against Little Bruins, a 4-0 win. He assisted on the team's second goal before scoring the third and fourth goals. On the third goal, he rushed into the zone down the LW. He cut into the slot before sending a low wrist shot along the ice and just inside the far post. He was cycling and just toying with the opposition defense on the fourth goal, late in the game. He had a few shifts earlier in the shift before taking the puck from the LW corner and driving to the goal mouth. Once the goalie bit, he went around a defender and slid a puck into a virtually wide open net. His skating allows him to possess pucks for long stretches. He's able to use his explosiveness to blow by defenders and penetrate into the scoring areas. Most of the time he does a good job keeping the play north and south. He needs to avoid circling. He rarely spent any time in his own zone as his team had possession of the puck when he was on the ice. However, he did a nice job engaging and breaking up a transitional chance on one such instance.
McDonough, Aidan 11/6/99 LW L 6-2/180 Thayer Milton, Mass. Northeastern Size, play below dots, drive to net First step, lacks physicality necessary to be legit power forward 4-5 N/A NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): McDonough's size, net drive and nose for the puck all stood out here. His skating isn't the prettiest and he still needs to work on getting out of the gates a little quicker, but that part of his game has improved. He made a strong move to the net before finishing it with finesse, tucking home a backhander after a quick stickhandle. He scored another goal by going to the post and banging home a rebound after a defenseman had carried the puck end-to-end. Tier I Labor Day (9/1): McDonough delivered a hard hit on the forecheck early in the game to keep a play going. His first step could use some work, but his skating has gotten better. He made a really nice play in the second half where he drove into the slot, used his length, pulled back and ripped a low wrister on net. McDonough has the size, skating, shot and nose for the puck. His physical tools are so that he should be more of a force on a consistent basis.
Harris, Jordan 7/7/00 D L 5-11/180 Kimball Union Haverhill, Mass. Northeastern Skating ability, feet, gaps, retrievals, breakout passes, shot from point Size 6-7 6/28-30: Harris was very impressive during the final three days of camp. His footwork was notable, allowing him to pivot quickly up ice and walk the blue line in the attacking zone. He was really good in Thursday's game against Grey. He made great outlet passes and was just a breakout machine. His gaps were really strong. He has the hands and puck skills necessary, making a really good sauce pass to keep a play alive. His stick forced a puck out of the zone on the penalty kill. During the All-Star game, he showed his retrieval and breakout ability. NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): Harris helped his stock tremendously here. His skating, gaps and stick were all impressive. He did a good job retrieving pucks and quickly breaking it out of his own zone. He scored a goal and assisted on another with a good shot on net from the point that was tipped. His footwork allows him to sidestep oncoming forecheckers in his own zone as well as walking the blue line effectively in the attacking zone. ECC Labor Day (9/2-3): Harris wasn't quite as good here as he was at the River Rats Jamboree. His gaps, stick and breakout ability were still on display. He recovered nicely to break up a opponent's breakaway chance. He competes hard and wins more battles than one might expect.
DiLiberatore, Peter 3/31/00 D L 5-11/148 Salisbury Bedford, Nova Scotia Quinnipiac Mobility, feet, shots from point, vision in transition, power play quarterback Defensive zone play/positioning, gaps, lacks 'pro' size -- N/A NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): DiLiberatore showed satisfactory physical tools and puck skills, but failed to exhibit the ability to play effectively in his own zone. He was on the ice for three goals against in both games against North Jersey Avs and Cape Cod Whalers. In both of those games, a turnover led directly to an opposition goal. His poise and confidence with the puck on his stick are notable. He has good vision, making good breakout passes and quarterbacking the power play. He made a great outlet pass from deep in his own zone to the far blue line for a transitional chance. He joined the rush effectively on his team's fourth goal against North Jersey Avs. ECC Labor Day (9/2-3): He was good here. He made a nice play, pokechecking a rushing forward, which forced a turnover. He quickly turned defense into offense with a nice pass up ice in transition. On another sequence he threaded the needle on a breakout pass to the far blue line from deep in his own zone for a scoring chance. His footwork helped him walk the blue line, side-stepping an oncoming forward, before sending a shot on net that led to a rebound goal. He also scored a power play goal on a shot from the point. He quickly pinched to get a loose puck for a shot on goal later in the game. He has good jump to his stride. He still needs to keep things simple, not force plays and improve awareness in his own zone, but he has a lot of physical tools that are intriguing.
Hughes, Riley 6/27/00 RW R 6-2/177 St. Sebastian's Westwood, Mass. Vision, passing, skating, size perimeter game, inconsistent -- 6/28-30: This was one of the more impressive viewings of Hughes to date. On Wednesday vs. Black, he made a good pass to spring a linemate for a chance. He had a really good shift on Thursday, keeping a play alive with a pass before getting off a good shot when he got the puck back. He made a couple of other nice passes that day. He has a quick release and can fire pucks, but most of his opportunities came from the outside or too high up in the attacking zone. He didn't do much in the All-Star game. NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): This event did little to change Hughes' stock. He has good size and skates well enough. He has a good shot when he gets it off and his vision in the attacking zone is notable. However, he keeps to the perimeter far too often and is inconsistent in terms of making an impact from shift to shift. ECC Labor Day (9/2-3): Hughes' stock continues to rise due to his passing and skating ability. He made a good pass from the right wing corner up to the point for a scoring chance. He drove the net hard for a scoring chance, going left to right. He kept the puck moving through the neutral zone in transit with a nice backhand pass.
Nolan, Owen 3/10/00 D L 6-1/165 Millbrook Mahopac, N.Y. Skating, athletic ability, poise, size, positive development trajectory Lacks offensive touch, inconsistent decision-making -- 6/28-29: Nolan showed confidence with the puck and an ability to read plays well. His gaps were only decent and he didn't stand out against the competition here. He sometimes gets caught out of position because of chasing plays in his own zone. NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): Nolan's game has progressed quite a bit over the past 18 months. He's added size and strength. His skating has become more fluid and powerful. He makes good breakout passes and has a good stick. He has a tendency to try to force plays at times. ECC Labor Day (9/2-3): Nolan's continued progression was on display here. He retrieved pucks quickly, skates with his head up and pivots well. He covers ground, has good reach and closes quickly. He's strong. His hands are only average.
Waugh, Phillip 1/10/00 D L 6-4/210 Trinity-Pawling McLean, Va. Size, physical toughness, mobility, potential Raw, decision-making, puck skills -- N/A NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): He didn't play in his team's last game against the Eagles, but his first two games were a microcosm of his usual play. He struggled in his first game against the River Rats, but looked much better against PAL. He made a few nice hits, played with a mean streak and had good reach and closing in the defensive zone. His mobility is good for his size and he joined the rush which he typically does. His puck skills here were inconsistent. ECC Labor Day (9/2-3): These viewings did little to change the opinion on Waugh. He was inconsistent from shift to shift. His physical play is obviously his top selling point. His decision-making and poisitioning need work. He coughed up a puck that led to a goal for the opposition and was caught pinching too long before getting back on defense on another sequence.
DiPaolo, Alex 4/28/00 C L 6-0/176 Salisbury Oakville, Ontario UMass Size, two-way complete center, hockey IQ lacks offensive upside -- N/A ECC Labor Day (9/2-3): DiPaolo has added size and his skating is still strong. He scored a goal, but wasn't a consistent force in the offensive zone.
Wall, Kevin 2/1/00 RW R 6-0/185 Salisbury Fairport, N.Y. Drives net, strong on pucks, good shot Lacks hockey sense to score on more consistent basis - 6/28-29: The two days here were indicitave of his inconsistent offensive play. He rushed with the puck and couldn't slow the game down or think it quick enough one day. He made a few nice passes from the corner and down low the other day. He can bang around and shows flashes of ability to play a strong north-south game. NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): Wall is another player who lacks consistency, but he had two good days here. He fought to get a loose puck on a rebound in front for a goal vs. North Jersey. He has a quick release and drives the net. He can stop and start and has decent agility, but doesn't have blazing speed. He did win a battle for a loose puck and separate for an empty net goal Monday. He scored another goal Tuesday coming down the RW and unleashing a slap shot. ECC Labor Day (9/2-3): He made a good down the right wing and made a nice backcheck, breaking up a certain goal with a good stick. He doesn't always seem to have the necessary urgency in the offensive end.
Bouquot, Jacques 2/10/00 C L 6-1/165 Salisbury South Windsor, Conn. Boston College Strong north-south player, wins battles down low/along boards, facilitates pucks Doesn't use size and strength to advantage on a consistent enough basis - N/A NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): Bouquot is a center who was able to facilitate movement of the puck during the two days. He set up on the wall a lot. A shot from the RW wall led to a rebound goal for a teammate against North Jersey. Later in the same game, he scored coming off the LW wall. His skating isn't elite, but it gets the job done. He gets to pucks. is quick in on the forecheck and is effective retrieiving pucks. Consistent on past views, Bouquot's physical tools were notable, but he didn't make a consistent enough of an impact. ECC Labor Day (9/2-3): Bouquot hemmed the defense deep in the attacking zone with a forecheck, but other than that was relatively quiet on the weekend.
Gorman, Liam 5/8/00 C L 6-3/190 St. Sebastian's Arlington, Mass. Size, explosive, drive to net, can grind inconsistent, lacks hockey IQ to finish/make plays consistently - 6/28-29: Gorman was largely unnoticeable here. He drove to the net a time or two with the puck, but wasn't able to finish. Against faster competition, he wasn't able to show his strength and power. NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): Gorman scored a nice goal during an early shift against PAL. He drove the net hard and got off a hard, strong backhander to beat the goalie. When he turns it on, he has power to his game. His stride has an explosiveness. He has more upside because of his ability to grind it out and be a bottom six guy. What's frustrating is he shows flashes so it'd be nice to see him use his size, strength and skating ability to be more of a consistent factor offensively. ECC Labor Day (9/2-3): Gorman wasn't able to use his size and physical tools to drive the net and be a factor.
Kesselring, Michael 1/13/00 D R New Hampton New Hampton, N.H. Merrimack Size, mobility for size, reach Needs to pick spots more wisely, be more reliable in own zone - 6/28-29: Kesselring's physical tools were evident, but didn't stand out against more elite competition. His reach and length as well as his skating ability for his size are all notable. He has a mean streak and made a point to play with an edge here. He ran around too much, was caught flat-footed and needed to pick his spots more wisely. NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): In limited viewing during the first half of one game Tuesday afternoon, Kesselring made a few nice plays getting into shooting and passing lanes in the defensive zone. He skates well for his size. ECC Labor Day (9/2-3): Kesselring was able to step into the offense a few times. His size and athleticism are intriguing. He logged a ton of minutes as his team went on to win the championship in the 18U Division.
Mastromonica, Anthony 5/23/00 LW L 6-2/230 Selects Academy 18U Kings Park, N.Y. Size lacks offensive upside - 6/28-29: Mastromonica's size and willingness to get in on the forecheck and disrupt breakouts with his size and energy was intriguing. His skating limitations and hockey sense were negatives. His size and the fact he's somewhat raw are two reasons to give him a few more looks.
Schlaht, Wyatt 6/4/00 LW L 6-2/175 St. Sebastian's Wellesley, Mass. Size, strong north-south winger Staying healthy, finding score sheet consistently - 6/28-29: This was a fairly good showing for Schlaht. His skill set limits him to just moving up and down the wing and playing a solid north-south game. He can move up and down the wing. On Wednesday, he sent a nice tape-to-tape pass that led to a tip-home goal for a teammate. He drove the far post for a rebound goal Thursday. He also beat one of the better opposing defenders wide on another scoring chance. NVRR Jamboree (8/28-29): Schlaht wasn't notable in game action here. ECC Labor Day (9/2-3): Schlaht was unable to generate offense.
Sweeney, Connor 5/5/00 C L 6-1/176 Lawrence Academy North Andover, Mass. UNH Explosiveness, Shot, Size Inconsistent, disappears for large stretches, compete - ECC Labor Day (9/2): Sweeney's ability to drive the net resulted in a goal for him as well as forcing an opponent to take a penalty on another sequence. Against a weak Boston Advantage team, he was able to impact the offense positively. His compete factor is still too inconsistent.