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Crimson Combine - ‘03s

The ’03 Crimson Combine took place at Harvard University’s Bright-Landry Hockey Center August 17-18. Harvard’s staff does a great job of putting this together every year, and the 2017 edition was no exception.

Here’s a look at a few of the standouts after taking in Friday’s game action:


1. Ryan St. Louis, Mid-Fairfield, Shoots Left – St. Louis is the son of UVM alum and former NHLer Marty St. Louis. There was little doubt he was the best player here, and he’s one of the top ‘03s in the country. St. Louis competes hard each shift. He scored the first goal of the game, sneaking in alone and tucking a shot into the top corner of the net. On the second goal, his quick stick helped him be the first on the rebound. He won battles along the wall. He was the first player back on the backcheck on several occasions. He was around the puck and went to the dirty areas.

2. Cole Huckins, Fredericton AAA, Shoots Left – The New Brunswick native had good size and explosiveness to his stride. He blew by a defender down the left side before cutting in on net. Huckins had a heavy shot and was confident with the puck on his stick. He assisted on a goal late in the game where he made a nice drop pass before driving the net to provide a screen.

3. Tim Delay, Jr. Eagles, Shoots Right – Delay was probably the best skater at the combine. He can move and make plays in tight spaces. He has good edge work and retrieves pucks to keep the play moving in the attacking zone.

4. Kenny Connors, Virtua, Shoots Left – Connors has a powerful stride. It allows him to control pucks down low and make plays from the wall and below the goal line. He has the speed to get back on the forecheck as evidenced on a shift where he made a nice play behind the attacking goal line, but was also the first guy back on the backcheck.

5. Jack Hughes, Jr. Eagles, Shoots Left – He’s the son of agent Kent Hughes and younger brother of ’00 forward Riley Hughes of St. Sebastian’s. He has good hands and likes to stickhandle. With his size and physical tools, he has upside.

6. Tyler Boucher, Virtua, Shoots Right – He just plain finishes, notching a hat trick. Two of his goals were from right above the goal mouth while another was off a hard wrist shot from the top of the slot. He has length and protects the puck.

7. Matthew Brille, Team Maryland, Shoots Right – Brille was around the puck a lot and scored the game-winner in overtime by just hanging around the net. His speed and quick hands were both notable. He played a complete game, evidenced by one shift where he rode off a player in transition then turned it into offense the other way.

8. Liam Gilmartin, Washington Little Caps, Shoots Left – Gilmartin has good size and split two defenders on his team’s first goal. He has a little bit of power to his game. He had a quick release, drove the net and scored another goal by doing both of those things.

9. Matthew McGroarty, Mid-Fairfield, Shoots Right – McGroarty has good size and strength and showed his separation ability late in the game.

10. Vincent Gould, Jr. Terriers, Shoots Right – Gould is a bull who uses his size and strength to barrel into the slot and get off hard shots on net.

11. Jayden Sison, Virtua, Shoots Right – Sison has a quick stick and isn’t afraid to go into the dirty areas.

12. Anthony Cafarelli, Warriors, Shoots Right – Cafarelli had above average speed, good hockey sense and rung the post on a shot from the left circle.

13. J.P. Turner, Jr. Terriers, Shoots Right – Turner has good size and made a couple of nice plays with the puck.

14. Jackson Morehouse, Pittsburgh Penguins, Shoots Right – Morehouse scored a goal on a low wrist shot. He has good size and did a nice job complimenting his linemates.

15. Mike Callow, Jr. Eagles, Shoots Right – He scored a goal on a breakaway down the left wing where he used his speed to create space between himself and the defenseman.


1. Nick Wallace, NJ Colonials, Shoots Left – Wallace is an offensive-minded defenseman who likes to jump into the rush, but he has the speed and sense to recover and get back on defense.

2. William Elias, Jr. Eagles, Shoots Right – Elias is an elite skater with good feet, and can move pucks up ice.

3. Jake Geraci, Mid-Fairfield, Shoots Right – His vision up ice was solid and he made several nice breakout passes. His puck skills were just slightly below the two players ranked above him.

4. Chase Ramsay, Westchester Express, Shoots Right – Ramsay stepped into the offense and made a couple of solid plays defensively on transitional plays.

5. Joe Fleming, Jr. Eagles, Shoots Right – Fleming was a good skater who played with toughness. He prevented a breakaway after his partner pinched. His positioning and stick was solid in shooting and passing lanes.

6. Nolan Joyce, Jr. Eagles, Shoots Right – An offensive-minded defender, he skates well, had a good one-timer and saw the ice well.

7. Ryan Ufko, Mid-Fairfield, Shoots Right – Ufko was a player who you noticed a lot. He had a good stick and competed hard despite his small frame.

8. Nick Donaldson, Mid-Fairfield, Shoots Right – He made consistently good decisions on the breakout.

9. Patrick Morrisey, Jr. Terriers, Shoots Right – Morrisey skated well and did some nice things here. His vision was good.

10. Will Murphy, South Shore Kings, Shoots Right – He gapped well and had a good stick. Murphy skated well and has some upside.


1. Thomas Heaney, NJ Colonials, Catches Left – Heaney made several big saves, including one on a penalty shot. He was consistently in good position and made saves look easy. He kicked pucks to the corners and pounces on rebounds.

2. Conor Callaghan, Mid-Fairfield, Catches Left – Callaghan challenges shooters on top of the crease, has poise and moves well.

3. Andrew Lavdas, Virtua, Catches Left – Lavdas kicked pucks to the corner and had good size in net. He made a nice save on a penalty shot attempt.