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Massachusetts District Final 40 Prospect Rankings

Massachusetts District held its CCM High Performance Final 40 over the weekend to determine the players heading to USA Hockey Player Development Camps in Amherst, NY in June and July.

The 2000s, 2001s and 2002s, broken down into two teams by birth year, played two games and participated in a skills session Saturday and Sunday at the New England Sports Center in Marlboro.

Massachusetts Hockey’s implementation of the Final 40 concept was warmly received from all observers around the rink. It was great to watch the top prospects in a setting where they were competing with and playing against like-minded players.

The 2002 birth-year, the group headed to USA Hockey Select 15s, isn’t the strongest group overall. The strength of the birth-year lies in the goaltending position, headlined by UNH commit Drew Commesso of St. Sebastian’s.

The 2001s were significantly depleted here due to so many players from the region either making the NTDP U-17 Team or at least getting an invite to camp.

The 2000s are interesting because there are a few kids who have really come on strong over the past year. Despite the epidemic of early recruiting, there are a few good players still uncommitted in this group.

NTDP players do not compete in USA Hockey Player Development Camps typically so Jake Wise (BU), Matt Boldy (BC), Sean Farrell (Harvard), Henry Thrun (Harvard) and Patrick Moynihan (BC) were not in attendance.

2001-born BU recruits Braden Doyle (Lawrence Academy) and Cade Webber (Rivers) were not here as both get invites to Select 16s based on their participation at NTDP Evaluation Camp.

Here’s a breakdown of the top prospects who should be heading to USA Hockey Player Development Camps:



1. Sasha Teleguine, #17 Red, Shoots Left, 5-9/160 – He’s dynamic and has a great first step. His skating is explosive and he hits hard. He can protect the puck and has a heavy shot. His father is a former skills coach for the Providence Bruins. He’ll be at Thayer Academy next winter.

2. Matt Beniers, #9 Blue, Shoots Left, 5-10/145 – A good skater, he was the fastest player in this age group. He was shifty and had good agility. He’ll be able to be more of a threat to penetrate into the scoring area once he bulks up. He’ll be heading to Milton Academy in the fall, the same school his older brother [Williams recruit Bobby Beniers] played at.

3. Philip Tresca, #19 Blue, Shoots Right, 5-6/135 – He found the score sheet more than any other player. He’s undersized, but he makes up for it with getting into position to find pucks. He moves and finds seams. He has good hands and made a couple of really nice finesse plays. He’s returning to Rivers School.

4. Collin Graf, #12 Blue, Shoots Right, 5-4/120 – He’s really small, but his play grows on you. He’s crafty and can stickhandle in tight spaces. He doesn’t have elite speed, but he’s creative and has the puck a lot. He’s heading to Rivers.

5. Jacob Hewitt, #10 Red, Shoots Right, 5-8/140 – A small forward who skates well and has above average hands, he’ll be at Cushing next winter.

6. Max Andrade, #8 Blue, Shoots Left, 6-2/170 – He’s a good skater for a prospect his age and size. He could blossom into a nice power forward. He’ll be heading to Milton Academy.

7. Riley Bezeau, #9 Red, Shoots Right, 5-8/145 – His vision and passing ability are his strengths. He wasn’t able to accelerate and separate from defenders. When he had the puck on his stick, he made plays. He made a real nice look out front from behind the goal line on Saturday. His dad is Montreal Canadiens scout Andy Bezeau.

8. Peter Kramer, #14 Blue, Shoots Left, 5-9/155 – His vision and speed in transition were both notable. Like his older brothers, ’00 Thomas and ’98 Patrick (Merrimack), he has above average hockey IQ and is an honest player in all three zones.

9. Carson Whitman, #18 Red, Shoots Right, 5-9/140 – He has good vision and makes some really good passes. He sees the ice well offensively.

10. Ryan Corcoran, #10 Blue, Shoots Left, 5-10/145 – He has an above average offensive skill set. His vision allows him to set up scoring opportunities for his teammates. He doesn’t have blazing speed, but his agility stands out.

11. Dhillon Wilde, #19 Red, Shoots Right, 5-9/138 – He’s a kid who just flat out competes each shift. His tenacious forecheck forced a few turnovers.

12. Joseph Kramer, #13 Blue, Shoots Right, 5-9/145 – The twin brother of Peter, he skates well and competes hard. They’ll both be joining their older brother at BC High next winter.

13. Riley Duran, #17 Blue, Shoots Right, 5-11/168 – The son of Woburn coach Jim Duran, he was a late add as the first alternate, but he proved he belonged. He competed hard and skates well.


1. Thomas Messineo, #5 Red, Shoots Left, 5-9/172 – He’s a rugged defender who was better on Sunday than Saturday. He gets shots on net from the point and plays with a mean streak. His feet are above average. His confidence and athleticism are both evident. He’ll be at St. Sebastian’s.

2. William Cohen, #3 Blue, Shoots Right, 5-11/155 – He’s smooth, steady and reliable. He has a good stick and was in position more times than not to keep pucks to the outside and prevent scoring opportunities. He made a few nice defensive stops and quickly turned them into transition plays for his team. His closing speed forces opposing forwards to rush.

3. Ryan McDermott, #5 Blue, Shoots Right, 6-1/171 – An offensive defenseman, he’s a very good skater who can join the rush. He defends with his feet and can skate backwards with the opposition’s top forwards. He has good size and athleticism. He’ll be back at St. Sebastian’s for his second go-around with the Arrows.

4. Kyle Furey, #2 Red, Shoots Right, 5-11/145 – An athletic kid, he gapped well and kept pucks going north. He plays with confidence and has a good stick. His vision is above average. He’ll be back at Malden Catholic in the fall.

5. Nolan Hayes, #4 Blue, Shoots Right, 5-10/160 – He’s a mobile defenseman who can join the rush. With good vision, he projects as an offensive defenseman. He’ll be at Thayer.

6. Cody Sealey, #7 Blue, Shoots Right, 5-10/155 – He really grinds going back to retrieve pucks. His stick and body positioning in the defensive end were both notable.

7. Colin Oppelt, #6 Red, Shoots Left, 6-2/155 – He has a good stick and competes hard. He does a good job retrieving pucks.

8. Tucker Hartmann, #4 Red, Shoots Right, 5-10/161 – He’s a physical, athletic defender who will only get better as he gets more playing time in his second season at St. Mark’s.


1. Drew Commesso, #34 White, Catches Left, 6-1/150 (UNH) – He’s one of the top two goaltenders in the country at this age group. He moves well, has strong fundamentals and just stops pucks. He’ll be the go-to guy at St. Sebastian’s this winter.

2. Connor Bradford, #33 White, Catches Left, 6-1/190 – He’s athletic and competes in the crease. He covers a lot of the net and makes some acrobatic stops, including a highlight reel one Sunday. He plays for the Boston Advantage.

3. Gavin Fitzpatrick, #36 White, Catches Right, 6-0/160 – A big goaltender who plays a prototypical style of the modern era. He skates well and has good reflexes. He’s transferring to Thayer from BB&N.

4. Thomas Aitken, #31 White, Catches Left, 5-8/145 – He’s a little on the small side, but he’s a good goaltender and would have a chance for making national camp in almost any other district. He’s heading to South Kent.



1. Robert Griffin, #11 Blue, Shoots Right, 5-11/170 (Northeastern) – He was the best forward in this group by far. He’s a great passer who facilitates offense. He knows where to go with the puck. He’s one step ahead of the field in terms of hockey IQ. He was a second round pick of Sioux Falls in the USHL Phase I Draft.

2. Liam Connors, #11 Red, Shoots Right, 5-9/160 (BU) – He was much better Sunday. His speed and elusiveness were key to creating offense. He keeps his feet moving and is slippery in the offensive zone. The second round USHL Phase I Draft pick of Tri-City will be back at St. Sebastian’s in the fall.

3. Sam Colangelo, #8 Blue, Shoots Right, 6-1/180 – A late ’01, he has a good first step and thinks the game well. He reads plays and is able to pick off passes and turn them into offense. He scored a really nice goal that showed off his hands and patience as time was running down Sunday. He’ll be back at Lawrence Academy.

4. Tyler Young, #19 Red, Shoots Right, 5-11/150 – Omaha’s 10th round pick in the USHL Phase I Draft, he’s getting better. Watch as he grows physically, he’ll turn into a good player. He got off a great shot for a goal he roofed right under the crossbar. The son of BU assistant coach Scott Young, he’ll be back at St. Mark’s.

5. Chase McInnis, #17 Red, Shoots Left, 5-10/160 – He’s a good skater and his speed is a factor. He plays a complete game. He isn’t gifted offensively, but he does a lot of things well. He was a seventh round pick of Youngstown in the USHL Phase I Draft.

6. Liam Devlin, #13 Red, Shoots Left, 5-10/160 – He has good speed and had some chances here, but it’s difficult to tell how he projects going further.

7. Alex Jeffries, #15 Red, Shoots Right, 5-11/168 – He’s starting to grow physically and had a good weekend. He made a few really nice passes for scoring chances. He’s tough along the wall and plays a heavy game. He was with the Islanders HC 16U this past season.

8. Zackary Jones, #14 Blue, Shoots Left, 5-8/150 – He’s quick and made a few nice passes. He’s the younger brother of Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL) defenseman Cooper Jones.

9. Ben Raymond, #17 Blue, Shoots Left, 5-10/155 – He can fly. His speed is his best asset, but he needs to think the game better to take the next step. He’ll be back at BB&N.

10. Frank Ireland, #12 Blue, Shoots Left, 6-0/160 – He has good speed and hands. He was with the Junior Bruins 16U this past season.

11. Aidan Connolly, #9 Blue, Shoots Left, 5-11/165 – He was better Sunday. He has good speed and did a good job chasing pucks. He needs to bulk up, but there is potential. He’s moving on to Dexter from Marshfield High School.

12. Jack Cronin, #12 Red, Shoots Right, 5-10/165 – The Nobles sophomore-to-be has a good shot.


1. Ben Meehan, #6 Blue, Shoots Left, 6-0/165 – He has good feet and was steady all weekend. He closes well and has a good stick. He gets shots on net from the point. He was picked by Cedar Rapids in the USHL Phase I Draft. He’ll be back at Dexter.

2. Jacob Flynn, #4 Red, Shoots Right, 6-0/172 – A mobile defender, he likes to activate. He needs to pick his spots, but he’s an intriguing prospect. He was Bloomington’s 10th round pick in the USHL Phase I Draft. He’ll be back at Thayer.

3. Michael Brown, #4 Blue, Shoots Left, 6-3/205 – He’s a big, athletic blue liner whose feet are getting better. His size and strength are his best assets. He can close on guys and has good reach.

4. Colby Bailey, #3 Red, Shoots Right, 5-11/175 – He plays a simple yet effective game. He’s athletic, keeps pucks to the outside and is in position. He has a good stick. He’ll be back at St. Mark’s.

5. John Fusco, #5 Red, Shoots Right, 5-10/165 – It wasn’t his best weekend, but he’s a mobile defender who can skate well. His agility and vision are both good. The son and nephew of former Hobey Baker Award winners Mark and Scott, he’ll be back at Dexter.

6. Tim Kippenberger, #5 Blue, Shoots Right, 5-10/165 – He’s a reliable defensive defenseman who plays physically. He’s athletic and does a good job when he keeps things simple. He was with the Junior Bruins 16U last year.

7. Brett Bliss, #3 Blue, Shoots Left, 5-11/175 – The brother of Cornell defenseman Ryan and Bowdoin recruit Jack, he has a good stick, skates well and keeps pucks going north. He’ll be back at Belmont Hill.


1. Derek Mullahy, #32 White, Catches Left, 6-1/183 (Harvard) – The Crimson commit is moving from Shattuck St. Mary’s to Dexter.

2. Henry Wilder, #34 White, Catches Left, 6-0/170 – He’ll likely get more playing time as a sophomore with the Bearcats.

3. Joe Sharib, #33 White, Catches Left, 6-0/175 – He’ll be back for a second season with Cushing.



1. Liam Gorman, #12 Red, Shoots Left, 6-3/192 - He’s grown and his game has really taken off. He is an explosive skater and looks like a freight train coming down the sheet. He has a heavy shot, is willing to go to the dirty areas and plays a heavy game. He doesn’t score as much as some might like, but that will come. He’s slated to be back at St. Sebastian’s. He’s on Chicago’s USHL affiliate list.

2. Harry Roy, #15 Blue, Shoots Right, 6-0/165 (Maine) – It was a really good weekend for the Loomis Chaffee forward. He’s bulked up and it showed in his lower body strength and how he used his edges. He scored on an absolute snipe and had good speed. He was able to protect pucks and stickhandle in tight spaces. He’s on Cedar Rapids’ affiliate list.

3. Matthew Gould, #13 Red, Shoots Left, 5-11/165 (Providence) – This observer has long been a fan of his game. He might be as fast as anyone in this age group. He scored a beauty of a goal Sunday, but he didn’t take the game over as much as he could have throughout the weekend. The Junior Bruins 18U forward is on Sioux Falls’ affiliate list.

4. Connor Sweeney, #19 Red, Shoots Left, 6-2/195 (UNH) – The Muskegon affiliate has come on over the past year. It wasn’t his best viewing this weekend, but he did some nice things. He’s got an explosive stride and can rip the puck.

5. Riley Hughes, #10 Blue, Shoots Right, 6-2/170 – He’s a good skater who has athleticism and a good shot. He looks the part. The son of former Middlebury player and NHLPA agent Kent Hughes, he’s on Sioux Falls’ affiliate list. He’ll be back at St. Sebastian’s.

6. Hunter Brackett, #9 Blue, Shoots Left, 5-11/182 – He was really good this weekend. He competes hard, plays with an edge and he scored a few goals. He has a good stick and isn’t afraid to go into the dirty areas. He’s on Bloomington’s affiliate list.

7. Hunter McCoy, #13 Blue, Shoots Left, 6-0/185 – He has a good stride and makes good passes to facilitate offense. He gets to pucks quickly. He played for Exeter last year, but his status for where he’s playing next season is up in the air.

8. T.J. Walsh, #18 Blue, Shoots Left, 5-9/170 (BC) – He played this past season with Cedar Rapids in the USHL. He flew back in from Iowa for the weekend so he might have been a little jetlagged. He was snake-bitten, but he played his best hockey late in the game Sunday. He’s certainly one of the better 2000 forwards in Massachusetts and deserves a spot at National Camp, but it wasn’t his best showing.

9. Ryan Stevens, #18 Red, Shoots Left, 6-0/181 (Yale) – He’s bulked up some and has a hard shot. He skates well and has a little more finesse to his game than his older brother, Carolina Hurricanes prospect and Yale forward Luke. He’s the son of former NHLer Kevin Stevens. He’ll be back at Nobles in the fall.


1. Jordan Harris, #3 Red, Shoots Left, 5-11/175 (Northeastern) – He was the best blue liner here by a long shot. He’s a great skater and he can retrieve, break pucks out and join the rush. He defends with his feet and has a good stick. He’s a Youngstown affiliate.

2. James Davenport, #5 Blue, Shoots Right, 6-0/170 (Brown) – He played his usual game here. He can skate and break the puck out with vision or his feet. He’ll be back with St. Sebastian’s.

3. Antonio Andreozzi, #2 Blue, Shoots Left, 5-11/170 (Brown) – The Rivers blue liner has good skating ability, can join the rush and defend with his feet. He’s a former draft pick of Des Moines in the USHL.

4. Jagger Benson, #3 Blue, Shoots Right, 6-2/155 – He’s the son of former Merrimack defender Bob Benson. He comes from an athletic family overall and has the raw physical tools to be a big time player someday. He can really skate and move the puck. He’s still learning the game, but if he does, the sky is the limit with his tools. He’ll be back with Malden Catholic.

5. Cameron Gaudette, #2 Red, Shoots Left, 6-0/184 – He’s a good skater who can activate and play a physical game. He’s with the Boston Advantage.

6. Patrick Keegan, #6 Blue, Shoots Left, 6-3/240 (Wisconsin) – His size and physical frame are what intrigued the Badgers’ coaching staff. He’s heading back to Cushing for a second season with the Penguins.


1. Connor Hopkins, #32 White, Catches Left, 6-1/190 (Yale) – He’s on Tri-City’s affiliate list and he should once again get the bulk of the workload at Belmont Hill.

2. Matthew Pasquale, #33 White, Catches Left, 6-2/170 – He’s headed back to Central Catholic for another season.