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USA Hockey Select 16 Player Development Camp Player Rankings

Action at the olympic rink at Northtown Center
Action at the olympic rink at Northtown Center

The 2016 USA Hockey Select 16 Player Development Camp took place July 8-14 at the Northtown Center in Amherst, NY. The camp showcased the top 2000-born hockey players in the U.S., excluding those who made the U.S. National Team Development Program (NTDP).

As one would expect, many of the camp's top players were already committed to a Division I college and most had been scooped up by a USHL organization, via tender or early in the Phase I (Futures) part of the draft.

From this camp, USA Hockey selected its Under-17 Select Team for the Five Nations Tournament that begins Aug. 9th in Friscoe, Texas.

The following is a ranking, by position, of the top performers from the camp. The top 30 forwards, top 15 defensemen and top six goaltenders are ranked. Following that is a list of other prospects whose play garnered some attention from this observer, in alphabetic order. Heights, weights and 2015-16 team listed are from the scout book. College commitments are in parentheses.


1. Devlin McCabe, Kelly #14, Right Shot, 5'10"/175, St. Paul Academy (Minnesota-Duluth) -€” His play is infectious. He's one of those rare kids who is ultra talented and gives it his all each and every shift. He never stops moving his feet when he's out there. He's a strong skater, has a heavy shot and can find open teammates with his vision and instincts in the offensive zone. He has good acceleration, with an extra gear. He drew two penalties on one shift against Red on Wednesday. He thinks the game well and is always one step ahead.

2. Jack Randl, Gold #9, Left Shot, 5'11"/180, Chicago Mission 16U (Michigan) -€” He's a good skater who showed the ability to create offense from anywhere. He slows the game down and has excellent vision. He's strong on his feet and is hard to knock off pucks.

3. Ryan Savage, Orange #12, Right Shot, 5'11"/170, Red Bull Salzburg (Miami) -€” He's a good skater who controls possession with his agility and hands. He just plain finishes. He knows how to find the scoring areas and knows what to do once he gets chances. A perfect example was a puck finding him in the slot, against Royal, and he just turned and fired home a wrister. In Tuesday's game, he beat one of Forest's top defenders, broke in alone and tucked a backhander through the five-hole.

4. Jack Perbix, Forest #8, Right Shot, 6'1"/165, Elk River HS (Notre Dame) -€” He's a little lanky still, but he can be a legit pro prospect if he grows into his frame. He drives possession and impacts all 200 feet of the sheet. In Wednesday's game, he backchecked, picked up a puck deep in his own zone after forcing a turnover, and raced it back up ice for a chance at the other end. He makes strong moves to the net with the puck and finished a two-on-one with Cole Krygier by driving the far post.

5. Matthew Gould, Gold #10, Left Shot, 5'11"/155, Junior Bruins 18U (Providence) -€” He was probably the fastest skater here. It's tough not to compare him to recently graduated Friar Brandon Tanev. He just absolutely flies around the ice and brings it each shift. His speed draws penalties and forces turnovers. In Wednesday's game, his forecheck led directly to a turnover and a goal for his team. He should be an excellent player that will fit perfectly into Nate Leaman's system.

6. Samuel Stevens, Orange #11, Left Shot, 6'1"/165, Shattuck St. Mary's (Wisconsin) -€” He has good size and can really fire the puck. He's good below the dots and has hands that allow him to maneuver and find corners even in traffic. He sniped a wrist shot as he was approaching the slot after spinning off the right boards in Tuesday's game.

7. Calen Kiefiuk, Kelly #10, Left Shot, 5'8"/185, HoneyBaked 16U (Michigan) -€” He's an aggressive winger who plays hard. He's fast on pucks, gets after the points while killing penalties and disrupts opponents' flow. He had three shots on goal during one penalty kill against Red after stealing the puck away from one of Red's top defenders. He wins battles below the goal line. He sent out a nice pass into the slot from down low for a power play goal. His speed helped him blow by a defender in Tuesday's game against Gold.

8. Blake McLaughlin, White #15, Left Shot, 5'11"/160, Grand Rapids HS (Minnesota) -€” The Gopher commit is a strong skater who can hold the puck on his stick for long stretches of time. He's a power forward. He's not going to beat opposing defenders by being finesse. He has a powerful stride and can really bull towards the scoring areas. There was one shift Tuesday where it felt like he had the puck on his stick for an eternity in the offensive zone.

9. Ryan Roth, White #14, Right Shot, 5'9"/165, St. Louis Blues 16U -€” He's small, but he's a good skater and isn't afraid to play in the dirty areas. He scored two garbage goals Tuesday just by being relentless and following the puck. He also has a sneaky good release on his wrist shot. He finished off a three-on-one Wednesday with a nice shot. He makes good passes and sees the ice well. He's a complete player.

10. Jeremy Davidson, Gold #12, Right Shot, 5'10"/170, Shattuck St. Mary's (UMass) -€” He's a little undersized, but he doesn't let that affect him. He plays through the body, skates hard, but in control. He's poised with the puck and makes good passes. He's one of those players that just seemed to always be in position for the puck to find him. He gets in scoring areas and moves to the puck to get shots off. He's not a flashy player, but he gets the job done offensively.

11. Noah Prokop, Forest #12, Right Shot, 6'0"/175, Shattuck St. Mary's -€” He didn't have the best week offensively here, but he displayed his ability to be a strong two-way center. He has a quick stick, wins face-offs, competed in all three zones and is tough to knock off pucks. He plays a heavy game. He was disruptive to the points on the penalty kill, backchecked honestly and had good hockey IQ. He has a 200-foot game.

12. Chase McLane, Kelly #15, Right Shot, 6'2"/170, Little Caesar's 16U (Brown) -€” He had a great week playing alongside Devlin McCabe, and it helped him land a commitment with Brendan Whittet's Bears. He's a strong skater who is heavy on pucks and plays an honest game. He's a big hitter who has offensive upside. He played a complete 200-foot game and did a lot of the dirty work to get pucks.

13. John Malone, Columbia #8, Right Shot, 6'0"/175, Delbarton HS -€” He had a really good game against White on Tuesday. He has good speed and hits hard. He had two goals from the left circle Tuesday, including a second one that was a pro shot right under the bar. He stationed himself on the left wall and the puck went through him on the power play. He made a nice saucer pass to the right point.

14. TJ Walsh, Black #17, Left Shot, 5'8"/164, Cushing Academy (Boston College) -€” There's no denying the Cedar Rapids tender has all the offensive skill and speed, but he needs to put on strength and work on playing more of a complete game in order to truly be successful this upcoming season in the USHL. He can start and stop on a dime. He has a smooth stride with very good speed. He can toe-drag just about any defenseman at this level. He showed off his vision Wednesday with a highlight reel pass. He was skating left to right behind the goal line. Without even looking he sent out a perfect pass right on the tape of Bryan Lockner for an easy goal at the backdoor.

15. Gavin Hain, Forest #18, Left Shot, 6'0"/185, Grand Rapids HS (North Dakota) -€” He did all of his damage offensively in one game, so he didn't have a great week overall on the score sheet. His physical tools were still evident. He's a good skater who enters the zone with a purpose. He has good offensive instincts as both a shooter and passer. He made a great look across to his right wing on an odd man rush against Gold. In that same game, he made a strong move out to the middle from the right corner for a golden opportunity.

16. Ben Helgeson, Gold #18, Left Shot, 6'1"/190, Hill Murray HS -€” He's a good skater with above average speed and a hard shot to go along with it. He has a good stick and just kept finding the score sheet. He showed off his hands with a beauty of a touch pass to Gabe Temple for a power play goal on Wednesday.

17. Curtis Hall, Columbia #14, Right Shot, 6'1"/187, Cleveland Barons (Yale) -€” His size and strength allow him to have a net front presence and to be able to lower his body and drive the net hard. His leverage with the puck drew a few penalties. He's the type of player that could get even better over the next few years.

18. Wyatt Schlaht, Orange #18, Left Shot, 6'0"/185, St. Sebastian's -€” He used his size and power to his advantage here. He scored four goals, and impacted the game in all three zones. He drives the net hard and is a power forward who just bulls his way to the scoring areas.

19. John Drury, Columbia #17, Left Shot, 5'11"/190, Chicago Mission (Harvard) -€” He's a smart player with good size and has a commanding presence. A solid two-way center, he made a nice pass to his left wing on an outlet pass that showed his vision and patience. He had a nice tip-in goal where he bulled his way to the net front before screening the goalie and waiting for the point shot.

20. Mathieu de St. Phalle, Red #17, Right Shot, 5'9"/140, Chicago Mission 16U (Wisconsin) -€” He earned a scholarship offer to play for the Badgers after his strong play here. He scored twice early in the week, but in Wednesday's game, it was his passing that caught the attention of those in attendance. He made a real pretty pass, as he was moving into the zone to find a trailer for a good chance. He skates well on his edges, has good agility, and can start and stop quickly. He can hold possession and get time and space based on his hands and skating.

21. Matt Cameron, Orange #15, Right Shot, 5'11"/185, North Jersey Avalanche (RPI) -€” His passing ability was easily notable, in addition to his four assists. He always has his head up and is looking to make a play to set up a teammate. Gaining the zone down the right wing on Wednesday, he gave a great feed to a linemate without breaking stride.

22. Demetrios Koumontzis, Royal #12, Left Shot, 5'9"/162, Junior Coyotes 16U (Arizona State) -€” He's a decent skater who showed the ability to control possession. He had a good, hard, low shot on net that forced a rebound goal on Wednesday in addition to a snipe of his own from the high slot. The best play he made Wednesday was when he hustled back to break up a play in his own zone. He turned right around and gave a nice pass to a teammate in the neutral zone that forced the opposition to take a penalty. He's patient and has above average vision. He's gritty and around the puck a lot.

23. Marek Wazny, Red #11, Left Shot, 6'0"/165, Toronto Jr. Canadians 16U -€” He only had two goals, but he just had that it factor to his game. A dual citizen, his hockey IQ was strong. He knew where to be, could get the puck and get the play started.

24. Colin Schmidt, Kelly #17, Right Shot, 6'4"/216, Wayzata HS (Minnesota) -€” He's a big winger with pro size already. He's good below the dots and has the strength to win puck battles along the wall. He cycles well and had good chemistry with Calen Kiefuk. He made a bone-jarring hit in the left corner to break up a clearing attempt. He could be one of those college players that just plants himself in the slot to fire shots and create havoc in front.

25. Jacques Bouquot, White #9, Left Shot, 6'1"/165, Salisbury School (Boston College) -€” He's a player whose ceiling is higher than the level he performed at this week. He has tremendous north-south speed and will be a force below the dots, cycling down low and getting in on the forecheck, using his size to his advantage. He had good hands down low on a couple of shifts Tuesday. He also made a great pass from right inside his own blue line to a linemate in the neutral zone in the same game.

26. Drew Elser, Black #9, Left Shot, 5'10"/170, Selects Academy 16U (UConn) -€” His speed is his biggest weapon. He's small, but he's so quick he can get to loose pucks, beat out icings and win races. Going forward, the question will be how much offensive upside does he have? For now, his speed can carry him.

27. Max Kouznetsov, Red #16, Left Shot, 5'9"/175, Team Comcast 16U -€” He's a good skater who made some real good passes on Tuesday. A clever chip up the right wing boards to spring a teammate led to a penalty having to be taken by the opposing team. He made a nice sauce pass to set up a good scoring chance on another play.

28. Logan Pietella, Royal #17, Right Shot, 5'11"/160, Little Caesar's 16U (Michigan Tech) -€” He had just two goals, but he was a complete player who gave it his all in all three zones. He blocked shots in his own zone and he was fast in puck pursuit. He skated well and showed some signs of being able to possess the puck and get to the net.

29. Max Ellis, Gray #14, Right Shot, 5'10"/145, HoneyBaked 16U -€” The Youngstown tender showed some signs here, but was relatively quiet outside of two assists on the week. His speed and extra gear down the left side drew a penalty against Columbia. He's quick and uses his edges to protect the puck. He stayed a little too much on the outside, which prevented him from scoring more here.

30. Shea Courtmanche, Black #8, Left Shot, 5'9"/175, Taft School (Dartmouth) -€” He committed to the Big Green following a good showing here. He's creative, moves well east and west, and makes some nifty passes. One pass that really stood out was a tape-to-tape pass to Nick Castro on a two-on-one rush. Another play that epitomizes the type of player he is was winning a face-off back to the point before going straight to the net for a mid-air tip of the point shot on Tuesday.

Ben Badalamenti, Black #15, Right Shot, 5'11"/168, HoneyBaked 16U -€” He has good speed, accelerated well and scored a shorthanded goal with a high finish after breaking down the right side.

Connor Caponi, White #16, Right Shot, 5'9"/165, Culver Academy -€” He's not the most talented player, but he hit hard and played with an edge. He hit anything in sight. It worked to his advantage on Wednesday. After a successful backcheck, he turned the puck back up and scored at the other end.

Tyler Carpenter, Gray #8, Left Shot, 5'11"/175, Chicago Mission 16U -€” He reads plays well, picked off a clearing attempt and drove the net.

Nick Castro, Black #11, Left Shot, 5'8"/198, LA Jr. Kings 16U -€” He showed some signs of being a finisher with a quick release. He also made a beauty of a pass, or purposeful shot, that was tipped home by James Davenport after patiently waiting for the goalie to go down.

Braden Costello, Kelly #11, Left Shot, 6'2"/200, Red River HS -€” It wasn't his best week, but he has the size and physical tools that make it clear why he was drafted high in the USHL Futures. He has the size and strength to make power moves with the puck and has a good stick.

Zachary Dubinsky, Forest #16, Left Shot, 5'8"/160, Chicago Mission 16U -€” He's an undersized winger that could be a nice bottom six forward down the line. He impressed on the penalty kill, doing the little things and being quick on puck pursuit. He thinks the game well and slows it down because of his hockey IQ.

Justin Engelkes, Columbia #14, Left Shot, 5'10"/176, Team Wisconsin -€” He's not the most creative nor offensively gifted player, but he impacts the score sheet with his speed and relentless forecheck. His puck pursuit disrupts the other team's breakout and he forces turnovers.

Gunnarwolfe Fontaine, Forest #11, Left Shot, 5'9"/155, Providence Capitals 16U -€” He's a gritty player, especially for his size. He doesn't have the best frame or skill set, but he found the score sheet because of his tenaciousness. He knocked over an opposing right defenseman on the forecheck, forcing a turnover and sending it out front for a chance in the game against Gold.

Jonah Gold, Gray #18, Left Shot, 5'7"/163, Anaheim Jr. Ducks 16U -€” He'll be heading to Groton in the fall. He's very small, but he has good vision in the offensive zone. He also made a nifty move in from the left corner before tucking one five-hole on Tuesday. He's likely a strong NESCAC candidate down the road.

Kyler Grundy, Red #8, Left Shot, 6'1"/194, Milwaukee Admirals 16U -€” He led the team in scoring, but he wasn't as dynamic as he could have been with his size. He is an above average skater for his size.

Cameron Knuble, Forest #9, Right Shot, 5'11"/170, Fox Motors 16U -€” The son of legendary Michigan and retired NHL player Mike Knuble, he was held scoreless, but his skating, hockey IQ and 200-foot effort made an impact. He backchecks, he blocks shots, he grinds hard in the corners and competes for loose pucks.

Phillipe LaPointe, Kelly #12, Right Shot, 5'11"/190, Chicago Mission -€” He has good speed, hands and feet to go along with his rugged frame. He's the son of Detroit Red Wings legend Martin LaPointe. He made a good play on a backcheck that really stood out in Wednesday's game.

Brian Lockner, Black #12, Right Shot, 6'0"/205, Colorado Thunderbirds -€” He has decent speed and uses his size to gain time and space to get his hard shot off.

Jack Ludwig, Royal #18, Left Shot, 5'5"/142, Cleveland Barons 16U -€” He's small, but he's a pest out there. He's flying all over the ice and has some craftiness to his game.

Ross Mitton, Black #14, Right Shot, 5'10"/175, North Jersey Avalanche -€” He was snake-bit offensively here, but there is a lot to like about his game. He's fast and has a good motor. He's a good skater and made a couple of nice passes out front from behind the goal line. He will have to slow the game down and think more quickly to truly make the next step.

Sean McAvoy, Orange #14, Left Shot, 5'7"/150, Deerfield Academy -€” The Carolinian is a shifty winger who is fast and gets in on the forecheck. He made a good pass to his right wing in Wednesday's game after beating a defenseman to a loose puck in the left corner. The same day he scored a nifty goal, handcuffing the goalie with a snipe up high after using a defenseman as a screen.

Ryan O'Reilly, Royal #10, Right Shot, 6'2"/195, Dallas Stars Elite (Nebraska-Omaha) -€” He's a player who has a higher ceiling than he showed, but he just couldn't find his groove here. He projects to be a solid power forward with a heavy shot and an ability to drive the net and bull his way north and south.

Chase Pletzke, Gray #16, Left Shot, 5'10"/170, Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 16U -€” He had his best game Tuesday. He drove the net hard for a rebound goal. He drew a penalty down the left side due to his strong skating.

Sam Renlund, Gold #14, Left Shot, 5'10"/170, Omaha AAA 16U -€” He had a very good game Wednesday. He drives the net, looking for rebounds, he makes good passes, and he seems to find the puck a lot. He made a highlight reel pass across to Jeremy Davidson on the weak side for a chance.

Harrison Roy, Red #14, Right Shot, 6'0"/165, Boston Bandits 16U -€” He's being watched closely by several Hockey East programs, but he didn't have his best showing here. He just couldn't seem to get the puck on his stick until the very end of the week. He's shifty and can stickhandle and possess the puck when he gets it.

Sammy Steele, Gray #15, Right Shot, 6'3"180, WB/Scranton Knights 16U -€” He's a big-bodied winger who had a net front presence. On Wednesday, he slid into the slot and unleashed a heavy wrist shot for a goal. If he can work on his skating, he could be a nice player to have planted in front of the net on power plays.

Andrew Stoneman, Orange #10, Left Shot, 6'0"/175, Shattuck St. Mary's -€” His speed was his strongest asset here. He used it to chase down loose pucks, beat out icings and generate time and space for scoring chances.

Connor Sweeney, Gray #10, Right Shot, 6'2"/185, Pingree School -€” He still has some work to do to round out his game offensively, but he has the size. He did a nice job on Wednesday of disrupting the flow of the opposition. He forced a turnover on one of Columbia's top forwards and made a notable backcheck.

Jordan Tonelli, Columbia #10, Left Shot, 5'11"/160, Taft School (Brown) -€” He's not the type of player that really stands out in a showcase format. He's a solid, two-way player who plays well below the dots and has strong hockey IQ. He drew a penalty by his hard forecheck in Tuesday's game.

Kevin Wall, Forest #14, Right Shot, 6'0"/185, Buffalo Junior Sabres 16U -€” He has the size and potential to be more of an impact player than he was here this week. He has a hard shot when he gets chances, but he needed to be firmer in decision-making and use his size and strength to his advantage.

Hunter Wallace, Orange #8, Left Shot, 6'1"/180, Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets -€” He only scored one goal, but he showed some signs of potential, especially with his size. He did good work below the goal line and made one real nice pass out high after winning a battle down low in Wednesday's game. He had a quick, heavy release.

McKade Webster, Orange #9, Left Shot, 5'9"/150, Shattuck St. Mary's -€” He's a little undersized as of now, but he's quick, crafty and found the score sheet here.

Jackson Wozniak, Red #9, Left Shot, 5'8"/169, LA Junior Kings 16U -€” He's a water bug type player who can create chances and disrupt the flow of the game due to his compete level and feet.


1. Christian Krygier, Gold #3, Left Shot, 6'2"/180, Little Caesar's 16U (Wisconsin) -€” There was zero doubt who the best player in camp was. The son of newly named Western Michigan assistant Todd Krygier committed to the Badgers after his effort here. He's an incredibly dynamic skater, he has a hard one-timer, is physically mature, can hit hard and moves the puck well. He's good on gaps, has a good stick, has length and confidence, and thinks the game one step ahead. Simply put, he's a game changer in all three zones.

2. Stanislav Demin, Orange #6, Left Shot, 6'1"/165, Anaheim Junior Ducks -€” He can skate with just about any opposing forward, has a good reach, and a stick to go with it. He makes very smooth breakout passes and has the footwork to keep the puck moving in the offensive zone. He's not as flashy as some others, but he is a puck-moving, two-way defender.

3. Jacob Semik, Kelly #4, Left Shot, 6'0"/163, HoneyBaked 16U (Michigan) -€” His athletic ability is his biggest asset at the moment. He has good feet and mobility, can get shots through from the point and can join the offense. He moves the puck well. If he can learn to think the game a little better, the Wolverines could have an elite college blue liner coming to Ann Arbor.

4. Brady Smith, Columbia #5, Right Shot, 5'8"/170, Chicago Mission 16U (Wisconsin) -€” He's small, especially for a defenseman, but his skating and puck-moving abilities are both elite. He should be a good offensive blue liner for the Badgers. He's strong and physically mature for his size. He has a hard one-timer, good footwork, moves well laterally and isn't easy to knock around.

5. Cole Krygier, Forest #7, Left Shot, 6'2"/180, Little Caesar's 16U (Wiscosin) -€” A converted forward, he isn't as ready as his brother. However, he might be stronger and more physically intimidating. He delivered several huge hits on the week. He joined the rush and sent out a beauty of a backhand pass to Jack Perbix for a goal on a two-on-one against Orange. He's a dynamic skater who has all the physical tools to be a big time defender down the road once he learns the position.

6. Jace Foskey, Black #4, Right Shot, 6'2"/189, Dallas Stars Elite -€” He already has pro size and he played physically. He wasn't afraid to step up and throw his weight around as he did in Tuesday's game to crush an opposing left wing coming through the neutral zone. He read plays well and anticipated where the puck was going. He had a good reach and made a few nice pokechecks.

7. Alec Regula, White #3, Right Shot, 6'3"/180, Cranbrook School (Michigan) -€” He's a player who's still a little raw in his development, but he has big time potential, especially with his size. He's mobile for such a big guy. He has good reach and length to his game in his own zone. He got caught flat footed a couple of times, but once he learns the position more, he could be a legit pro prospect. The Wolverines scooped him up following camp.

8. Connor Hutchison, Kelly #5, Left Shot, 5'11"/175, Selects Academy (Vermont) -€” He's someone who has always stood out as a puck-moving, offensive defenseman, but he was much more than that here. He was smooth, fast to retrieve pucks and had a good reach for pokechecks. He was tight on gaps and was consistently good defensively. He had a hard shot from the point and used his skating ability to move the puck.

9. Mac Wiseman, White #5, Left Shot, 5'9"/165, Skipjacks 16U (UConn) -€” He's small, but he's extremely athletic. He has good vision, likes to step into the rush and join the offense and he has a good stick. He pushes the pace in transition and stepped up to make a few big hip checks. His hockey IQ needs to improve in order for him to climb the rankings further.

10. Ethan Frisch, Orange #7, Right Shot, 5'10"/167, Moorhead HS -€” He's more of an aggressive, flashy type defender. He takes his chances and is aggressive on gaps. He has above average mobility, vision and skating ability.

11. Jimmy Dowd, White #2, Right Shot, 5'6"/130, New Jersey Titans (Penn State) -€” He's very small, but he still has time to grow. He skates well, especially backwards. Despite his lack of size, he stays in position and maintains defensive zone coverage. He did a nice job of getting his stick in passing and shooting lanes.

12. Brandon Tabakin, Royal #5, Left Shot, 5'8"/142, North Jersey Avalanche (Yale) -€” He's fast, skates well backwards and makes good reads. He has an active stick and picked off a few passes before plays could develop. He showed off his puck-moving ability on Wednesday with a sauce pass that sprung a forward in alone on goal. He also made a clever pass down to Demetrious Koumontzis for a goal from the high slot.

13. Ben Brinkman, Red #2, 6'1"/195, Left Shot, Edina HS (Minnesota) -€” There were high expectations heading into the week. He's clearly a talented player, but it wasn't his best showing. He's mobile, and made a good lead pass to spring Marek Wazny on a breakaway. He was a little careless with the puck here, but the physical tools are still there.

14. Tony Andreozzi, Columbia #4, Left Shot, 5'11"/170, Rivers School (Brown) -€” He skates with his head up. He's a mobile defender with good gaps and likes to join the rush. He's smooth and can move the puck in transition. He gets shots through from the point and is an athletic defender.

15. Tyler Spott, Forest #5, Left Shot, 5'10"/160, Toronto Marlboros (Northeastern) -€” He's still a little undersized, but he plays a smart, sound defensive game. He's in good position a lot and broke up several plays, especially on Wednesday. He got his stick and body in passing and shooting lanes. He has tight gaps and made a real nice pokecheck on one of Gold's top forwards to keep a play from developing.

Jack Babbage, Royal #7, Left Shot, 6'0"/180, Don Mills Flyers -€” He has good size, skates well, contains opposing forwards and keeps it steady and consistent.

Declan Carlile, Columbia #2, Left Shot, 5'11"/177, Culver Academy -€” He made good outlet passes, he possessed vision and patience with the puck on his stick, got shots on net from the point and had the footwork to block shots and shooting lanes.

John Campomenosi, Forest #6, Right Shot, 5'10"/157, Jersey Hitmen 16U -€” He had a real solid game against Gold on Wednesday. He skates well enough to hold off one of Gold's fastest players. He does a good job forcing the play to the perimeter.

Breck Crawford, Black #2, Right Shot, 5'11"/161, TPH Thunder 16U -€” He had a good stick to break up a few plays and had decent vision and mobility.

Brehdan Engum, Gold #2, Left Shot, 6'0"/175, Burnsville HS -€” He has decent size, mobility and vision. He'sgood on gaps and can push the pace in transition. He's not there yet, but he showed some signs of being a player to keep an eye on as he develops.

Caleb Everett, Gold #7, Right Shot, 6'2"/180, HoneyBaked 16U -€” He has good size, skates decently and liked to step in and join the rush. He got shots on net from the point and made a few good plays defensively.

PJ Garrett, Gray #5, Left Shot, 6'3"/200, Thayer Academy -€” He's athletic and mobile for his size. He's still raw, but he has the physical tools to intrigue college coaches. He has a good reach and made a few nice plays here, but was a little inconsistent.

Jordan Harris, Gray #7, Left Shot, 5'11"/162, Kimball Union Academy -€” He's a mobile, offensive-minded defender who will only continue to get better, especially as he gets players around him. He can skate the puck out of the zone or break it out with passing.

Matthew Kessell, Orange #5, Right Shot, 6'1"/175, Little Caesar's 16U -€” He's an offensive-minded defenseman who likes to join the rush. His vision and ability to carry the puck are both assets. He still has a ways to go defensively.

Dawson Klein, Forest #2, Right Shot, 5'9"/155, Lakeville South HS -€” He's small, but he skates well with strong closing speed and an ability to recover from mistakes. Retrieving pucks, he has that ability to escape oncoming forecheckers. He rode an opposing left wing right into the boards in Wednesday's game against Gold.

Luke Krys, Kelly #6, Right Shot, 5'11"/155, Westchester Express -€” He's not as highly touted nor as elite as his older brother Chad, but he's an above average skater.

James Perullo, Kelly #2, Left Shot, 5'9"/160, Belmont Hill -€” He's small, but he's steady. He has good lateral agility and retrieves pucks. He could be a really good NESCAC blue liner down the road.

Ben Schultheis, Columbia #3, Right Shot, 6'2"/201, TPH Thunder 16U -€” He has good size, was strong on gaps and had a good reach. He played sound defense, while keeping things simple.

Matt Staudacher, Red #7, Left Shot, 6'0"/190, Shattuck St. Mary's -€” He has decent vision, good size, gets in passing and shooting lanes and had a decent shot from the point.

Nicholas Strom, Black #3, Left Shot, 5'11"/155, Breck HS -€” In Wednesday's game, he was very sound defensively. He had good footwork and got his stick in lanes to disrupt shooting and passing attempts.


1. Drew DeRidder, Kelly #30, Catches Left, 5'10"/156, Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 16U

2. Isaiah Saville, Orange #30, Catches Left, 6'0"/170, West Anchorage HS

3. Connor Hopkins, Forest #1, Catches Left, 6'1"/190, Belmont Hill (Yale)

4. Jack Faulkner, White #30, Catches Left, 6'2"/170, Omaha AAA

5. Reilly Herbst, Gold #30, Catches Left, 5'10"/150, Selects Academy at South Kent

6. Doug Connor, Black #30, Catches Left, 6'0"/170, PAL Junior Islanders 16U (Princeton)