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Spencer Knight Commits to Boston College

Matt Dewkett

Mid-Fairfield 2001-born goalie Spencer Knight announced via Twitter that he has committed to Boston College:

Knight is still extremely young--especially when you consider the average incoming age of a college hockey goalie is one to two years older than your average incoming skater-- but is already considered a standout. He's also big for his age, listed at over six feet tall last season, presumably with room to grow seeing as he hasn't started high school yet.

USHR wrote this gushing scouting report on him last fall:

It’s fair to say Knight is the best 13-year-old goalie we’ve seen in a couple of years – specifically, since Springfield Cathedral/Springfield Rifles goalie Keith Petruzelli, a ’99 who is now a sophomore, burst on the scene. Knight’s movements are outstanding. He’s always in control, fills up the net, and, basically, looks unbeatable. The 8th grader yielded only three goals while playing all but half a game in the entire tournament.