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Beantown Summer Classic: Futures Division Player Rankings and Scouting Notes

The Beantown Summer Classic Futures Division took place the past three days at the New England Sports Center in Marlborough, Mass. The Futures Division included players born between 1998 and 2000.

As far as showcases go, the Beantown is always better hockey than most. There were six teams in the division and all games were played under the same roof so it was easy to see each team several times.

A couple of quick notes, teams listed are for the 2015-16 season and as always, heights and weights taken from the program are sometimes a little 'inflated.' The top 20 forwards and top 20 defensemen are ranked. Listed below, in alphabetical order, are the best of the rest. Goaltenders that stood out are listed in alphabetical order as it's hard to honestly rank this position in a showcase where they only play half a game.

The rankings do take into consideration future potential, but if a player had a bad week, his ranking will reflect that.


1. Christopher Garbe5-10/168, 3/10/99, Shoots Left, Selects Academy (Whalers #12) - He was the best player on his team by far. He's a good skater with exceptional lateral mobility. He's not slow, but he doesn't possess high end speed. He makes some very good passes in transition and in the offensive zone.

2. Craig Needham, 5-10/170, 3/31/99, Shoots Left, Lawrence Academy (Nationals #15) - He's the type of player that usually doesn't stand out in showcases. He plays the game the right way and isn't overly flashy. However, this was his breakthrough week. He's a good skater who is strong on his skates. He has patience with the puck, showed poise, went to the net and created time and space.

3. Max O'Herlihy6-1/185, 7/24/98, Shoots Right, Selects Academy 18U (Buzzards #9) - He has good size, good reach and moved well in the offensive zone. He creates chances and could be a solid power forward at the collegiate level.

4. Zach Pellegrino, 5-8/185, 11/9/99, Shoots Left, The Gunnery (Titans #15) - He was one of the youngest players to see serious minutes in prep hockey this past winter. He'll have an even bigger role this winter. He's shifty, quick and has good hands. His speed and puck skills allow him to create space and time for scoring chances. He's undersized, but he's gritty and plays with an edge.

5. Dan Stingi6-0/175, 7/23/98, Shoots Left, Hotchkiss (Seals #11) - He'll be a newcomer to prep hockey, coming over from the PAL Islanders organization. He has a good frame and made things happen with the puck. His acceleration could use some work, but once he gets going, he moves decently for his size. He drives the net, has a good stick and made a real nice look on an odd man rush for a goal.

6. Bobby Beniers5-9/160, 5/25/99, Shoots Left, Milton Academy (Titans #11) - This was a very good showing for the Hingham, Mass. native. He's a good skater who uses his edges well to move laterally and make cuts. He has good offensive instincts, isn't afraid to go into the dirty areas and made two real nice backdoor passes.

7. Jack Nisbet, 5-11/170, 3/3/99, Shoots Right, Dexter School (Raiders #19) - He's a smooth skater who sees the ice well. It wasn't his best showing, but even when he's not on top of his game, he just finds the score sheet, which is definitely a good trait. He had a nice assist on a pass out to the slot from the corner and banged home a rebound to tie a game in the closing seconds.

8. Daniel Kramer5-11/182, 8/16/99, Shoots Right, LI Gulls 16U (Seals #13) - He stood out as a very solid, if not flashy, player here. He has good hockey IQ, makes plays and does a lot of the little things away from the puck. He's a decent to above average skater who is certainly a player worth keeping on the radar.

9. Mike Seohane, 6-1/185, 5/8/98, Shoots Left, Thayer Academy (Buzzards #10) - He was one of the older players in this division and it showed. He played with confidence and was strong on his skates. He's an above average skater who isn't flashy, but he's consistent. He cycles well, gets his body and stick in shooting and passing lanes and has good pursuit.

10. Evan Daddario5-11/185, 4/22/98, Shoots Right, Belmont Hill (Hombres #8) - He has a solid few games and seemed to gain confidence as the tournament went along. He's tough around the puck, goes to the net and scores some garbage goals.

11. Tyce Thompson, 5-11/160, 7/12/99, Shoots Right, Salisbury School (Hombres #15) - There were a few shifts where he showed off his hands and skating ability, but he also was quiet for a period of time. He has good creativity and is shifty so the potential is there, but this wasn't his best week.

12. Jerry Harding6-1/190, 3/22/99, Shoots Right, Nobles (Buzzards #12) - He skates well for a player his size and does a lot of things well, but didn't produce here. With his frame and physical tools, he's a player that has the potential to develop into a nice prospect.

13. Ethan Kimball, 6-0/175, 4/2/98, Shoots Left, St. Mark's (Nationals #14) - He had some real nice shifts here. He was around the puck, skated well and made some nice passes. He's a player that could finally be figuring things out as he's always had some raw ability.

14. Patrick Cotton6-2/200, 5/25/99, Shoots Left, Proctor Academy (Hombres #12) - According to Elite Prospects, Mike Walsh's incoming recruit is from Sweden. He has some nice speed and finished a couple of chances. He had a knack for the puck and should be a good addition for the Hornets.

15. Oliver Wahlstrom6-0/190, 6/13/00, Shoots Right, Shattuck St. Mary's (Hombres #17) - He made a few nice toe drags and moves to get around defensemen, but didn't really finish any chances in games this observer saw. He's definitely bulked up and has a heavy wrister, but didn't do enough here to make him worthy of a higher ranking, despite his obvious natural ability.

16. Trent DeNuccio, 6-1/175, 8/21/99, Shoots Right, Loomis Chaffee (Braves #11) - He didn't produce as much as he's capable of here, but he still impressed. He has a good frame, is a decent skater and is persistent and strong on the puck.

17. Harrison Roy5-11/160, 1/17/00, Shoots Right, Boston Bandits U16 (Nationals #18) - He didn't do a lot here, but he was one of the few '00 forwards here. He's a good skater with good hands and puck skills. His quickness sets him apart and gives him time and space to create scoring chances.

18. Matthew Thomson6-0/180, 11/7/98, Shoots Left, Reading High School (Nationals #12) - This was the first time seeing him outside of a high school game and he didn't look out of place. He's quick and is an above average skater. He has good hands and was around the puck. He had a nice finish on an odd man rush.

19. Josh Vertentes5-9/175, 2/24/98, Shoots Right, Avon Old Farms (Hombres #11) - After a huge season at Portsmouth Abbey, he lost a little confidence last year with less playing time at AOF, but if he gets it back, watch out. He created a ton of chances here and had a lot of shots on goal, but didn't finish.

20. Patrick Mullowney5-10/175, 12/20/98, Shoots Left, Newton North High School (Titans #17) - He had good hockey IQ, made a real nice pass low to high to find a defenseman for a point shot that resulted in a goal. He forced a few turnovers and was a pest, getting on the puck quickly in all three zones. He'll be looking to repeat his junior year at a prep school following this season.

Best of the Rest

Gray Betts6-2/195, 12/20/00, Shoots Left, Hingham High School (Buzzards #17) - He didn't stand out too much here, but he's an intriguing prospect. He has good size for a late '00 and did some nice things. He's raw for sure and stayed to the perimeter.

Liam Bove5-6/135, 2/26/99, Shoots Left, Albany Academy (Buzzards #11) - He's small, but he can really fly. He has a quick first step and a good stride.

Brendon Cordeiro5-10/165, 2/6/98, Shoots Left, Boston Junior Bruins 18U (Braves #8) - He's quick and caused quite a few turnovers by his tenacity. He was shifty and had a quick release.

Thomas Dale5-10/175, 8/21/98, Shoots Right, Deerfield Academy (Raiders #9) - He's a player who stood out as someone who could be a nice third or fourth line center for a college team down the road. He played well away from the puck, did a lot of the little things and skated well.

Louis Finocchiaro5-6/140, 8/28/98, Shoots Left, Austin Prep (Nationals #8) - Having seen him numerous times in high school play, he actually surprised this observer here. He had a nice one-time goal and made a couple of nice plays with the puck. He had good pursuit and a high compete level.

Mathieu Gervais6-1/200, 10/4/98, Shoots Left, Canterbury School (Buzzards #8) - He has decent size and his skating has improved since this observer's last viewing. With his frame, he's worth keeping an eye on as a potential late bloomer.

Brendan Goostray, 5-8/165, 9/3/98, Shoots Right, St. Sebastian's (Seals #9) - He's undersized, but he's quick and plays with an edge. He plays through people, gets his stick in lanes in the defensive zone and makes some nice passes.

Brendon Jones5-10/162, 5/6/99, Shoots Left, Boston Bandits 16U (Braves #12) - He's small, but he can fly and make things happen. His puck pursuit is good and he disrupts the play. He has quick hands and feet and made some plays happen in transition, but shied away from traffic.

Adam Kadlec6-2/182, 9/3/99, Shoots Right, Boston Junior Bruins 16U (Braves #13) - He's a good stick handler and made some nice moves for a player his size.

Eric Linell5-10/175, 9/17/98, Shoots Right, PAL Jr. Islanders Premier (Seals #10) - He had a couple good moves where his speed allowed him to beat defensemen, but he tended to stay to the perimeter. He was around the puck a lot.

William McKinley5-8/160, 3/1/99, Shoots Left, Cheshire High School (Buzzards #14) - He's not a scorer, but he did some nice things away from the puck. He projects as a third or fourth line energy player who can get in on the forecheck with quickness and puck pursuit.

Dakota Mulcay, 6-1/195, 6/17/98, Shoots Left, Cushing Academy (Whalers #9) - He's a really good skater. He made a few nice moves, using his edges to keep possession of the puck. He's a player to watch as he'll get more playing time for the Penguins this winter.

Anthony Sciucco, 5-8/135, 12/1/99, Shoots Right, Boston Junior Bruins 18U (Braves #15) - He's small, but had good hands. He was quick and had a few nice chances including a nifty shot from a bad angle.

William Steele5-8/170, 5/9/98, Shoots Left, Selects Academy 18U (Raiders #11) - He has decent to good speed and has a high motor with a good compete level. He definitely projects as more of an energy player as he struggled to get into the scoring areas at times.

Mike Zampanti5-9/165, 9/10/98, Shoots Left, St. Mary's (Seals #12) - He had a good showing, certainly better than this observer was expecting after seeing him in high school play previously. He has a high compete level, digs in corners and gets sticks in lanes. Simply put, he did a good job of being a pest and being tough to play against.


1. P.J. Garrett6-3/190, 1/17/00, Shoots Left, Thayer Academy (Buzzards #6) - He really stood out as a younger blue liner with good size and physical tools. He has decent mobility for his size and age, but his raw potential is off the charts.

2. Cullen Young, 5-9/188, 10/24/00, Shoots Right, Avon Old Farms (Nationals #7) - He stood out as an undersized defenseman with the potential to be a legit Division I prospect down the road. He has good vision and skating ability and wasn't afraid to get involved. He will be a nice addition for the Winged Beavers.

3. Michael Higgins, 5-10/185, 4/6/00, Shoots Right, Boston Advantage 16U (Braves #7) - What you usually get with him was what you got here at Beantown. He's a defenseman with good vision, a strong first pivot and a good stick. He's an asset in transition and puck possession with his skating ability, poise and ability to see the play before it develops.

4. Max Kahn6-1/190, 6/24/98, Shoots Left, Brooks School (Raiders #2) - He's a fundamentally sound blue liner that does a lot of little things well. He has good mobility, is a good skater and has a good stick. He gets shots on net from the point and has a high hockey IQ.

5. Patrick Dawson6-0/180, 1/14/99, Shoots Left, Westminster (Buzzards #5) - He's one of those defensemen that is hard to notice in a good way. He just goes about his business with good gap control, a solid stick and a good first pivot.

6. Nolan Lavallee, 6-2/187, 2/21/99, Shoots Left, Kimball Union Academy (Raiders #6) - He has good size, is aggressive and stands right up to opposing forwards entering the zone. He doesn't have the best initial burst of speed, but can move once he gets going. He needs to reel it in and play simpler, but his physical tools are good.

7. Bryce Dolan, 6-0/190, 2/13/99, Shoots Right, Kimball Union Academy (Raiders #7) - This was the best showing this observer has witnessed for the former Bishop Hendricken defensemen. He moves well, has a good stick and covers a lot of ground in the defensive zone. He was just real solid the whole tournament.

8. Michael Kesselring6-2/155, 7/18/00, Shoots Right, New Hampton (Titans #7) - He has good size and potential to be a real good player down the road. He has a good stick, moves well and should be on every team's radar as he progresses through prep school for his father Casey, a former star forward at Merrimack.

9. Cameron Gaudette5-11/152, 6/1/00, Shoots Left, Boston Advantage 16U (Braves #6) - He's a smooth skater whose stride looks effortless. He's steady and does a good job in all three zones. He might not have stood out too much this week, but he projects well.

10. Peter Horsfall6-2/205, 2/19/98, Shoots Right, Westminster (Buzzards #2) - He has a good frame and moves well. He was just very steady, played solid defense and didn't make many mistakes.

11. Jordan Tetrault6-1/195, 5/5/98, Shoots Left, Junior Bruins (Nationals #2) - A player with good size, he can join the rush and has a heavy shot from the point on the power play. He's poised with the puck, moves fairly well and has some physicality to his game.

12. Patrick Keegan, 6-0/190, 11/8/00, Shoots Left, East Coast Wizards (Raiders #7) - He was on again, off again here, but he's young. His size and physical tools are intriguing. He needs to work on his foot speed as he fills into his frame, but he has decent mobility. He made a couple strong plays in the defensive zone.

13. Jayson Dobay5-11/165, 7/27/99, Shoots Left, BC High (Whalers #6) - His vision is exceptional and he likes to jump into the rush. He has poise and confidence especially with the puck on his stick.

14. Diarmad DiMurro5-9/155, 5/2/99, Shoots Right, North Jersey Avalanche 16U (Hombres #4) - He's undersized, but he's a dynamic skater who was able to push the play in transition and do a good job on zone entries.

15. Michael Belliveau, 5-11/195, 3/7/98, Vermont Academy (Raiders #4) - He has a good first pivot and skates well. He made a real good lead pass that got everyone's attention Tuesday morning. He's a player to keep an eye on over the next few years.

16. Drew Bavaro, 6-0/165, 6/10/00, Shoots Right, Lawrence Academy (Seals #6) - He has good lateral mobility, good size and likes to step into the play.

17. Colin O'Connor, 6-2/175, 8/14/98, Shoots Left, Berkshire School (Whalers #3) - He has good size, steps up and has good gap control. He has a good first pivot and is a decent skater for someone his size.

18. Luke Albert, 6-1/180, 8/17/98, Shoots Left, New Hampton (Titans #2) - He has the size and is a decent skater who likes to join in the rush. He sees the ice well, but needs to learn when to and when not to pinch.

19. Matthew Slick6-2/185, 3/13/99, Shoots Left, Proctor Academy (Titans #5) - He has a decent first pivot and just needs to work on his foot speed a little. He's a stay-at-home defender who does a good job forcing the play to the outside and has an active stick.

20. Ryan Ashe6-0/190, 10/22/98, Shoots Left, Avon Old Farms (Hombres #2) - He did a good job here and he got better as the tournament went along. He's a good skater who makes nice cuts as he joins the rush. He also did a nice job standing up an opposing forward in transition and pushing the play to the perimeter.

Best of the Rest

Cameron Barbagallo5-10/170, 7/31/99, Shoots Right, Austin Prep (Nationals #4) - He skates well, has good edges and good lateral mobility.

Michael Bermingham5-7/170, 8/4/99, Shoots Right, BB&N (Braves #4) - He's a good skater who appears to have more strength than what one might think judging from his size. He reads plays well and is good with gap control.

Cameron Boudreau, 5-11/165, 11/27/99, Shoots Left, Governor's Academy (Titans #4) - He maintains good coverage in the defensive zone and has a good stick.

Robert Carr5-10/165, 1/29/99, Shoots Left, Cheshire Academy (Buzzards #3) - He was a little more inconsistent than some of the other top defensemen in this division, but he was physical and kept opposing players to the perimeter.

Blake Colman6-2/185, 6/15/99, Shoots Right, St. Sebastian's (Seals #4) - He didn't stand out much, but he limited his mistakes, had a good stick and maintained coverage in the defensive zone.

Michael Greenberg, 6-0/175, 2/7/98, Shoots Right, Loomis Chaffee (Braves #3) - He was involved in the defensive zone often. He has decent vision and skating ability for his size. He needs to develop a little more poise with the puck as he jumps into prep hockey this winter.

Jake Gresh, 5-10/180, 10/22/98, Shoots Right, Avon Old Farms (Hombres #3) - He's still learning the game defensively, but he's such a good skater with good vision. It will be interesting to see how he progresses as the prep season comes about. Here's betting he'll finally put it together and be a D1 prospect down the road.

Jordan Harris, 5-9/155, 7/7/00, Shoots Left, Kimball Union Academy (Nationals #6) - He's short, but he's solid and plays a tough game for his size. He has an active stick and makes good pokechecks.

Andrew Moynihan, 5-7/155, 9/9/99, Shoots Right, Lawrence Academy (Nationals #5) - He's undersized, but was solid at times. He has a quick first step and likes to push the puck up ice.

Elijah Older5-7/165, 3/4/00, Shoots Left, Cardigan Mountain School (Seals #7) - He's undersized, but he had a good stick, won battles and played bigger than his frame. He also made a couple of impressive lead passes in transition.

Ryan Verrier5-11/170, 11/19/98, Shoots Left, Austin Prep (Nationals #3) - He's a kid who still has to gain some confidence, but he skates well and has a good stick.


Alex Daccord, 5-8/150, 3/24/99, Catches Left, Phillips Andover (Seals #30) - He was a little hot and cold here, but he's an athletic goaltender who stays square and likes to force the shooters' hands. He was scrambling out of the crease a little here.

Eric Green, 6-3/173, 8/12/99, Catches Left, Northfield Mount Hermon (Buzzards #31) - He has good size and athleticism. He covers a lot of net and is fundamentally sound. It will be interesting to see how he does taking over for the departed Conor O'Brien at NMH.

Zakary Kinard, 6-0/190, 2/9/99, Catches Left, The Gunnery (Nationals #30) - He did a good job squaring up and challenging shooters at the top of the crease. He's a prototypical butterfly goaltender. He also did a nice job playing the puck. He made a highlight reel save, stoning Wahlstrom on a breakaway.

Aidan Murphy, 5-10/190, 8/16/98, Catches Left, Dexter School (Seals #1) - It wasn't his best week from what this observer saw, but the physical tools are there. He has quick feet and likes to challenge shooters. He's a competitor in net and it shows. His rebound control was off a little here, but he's a player to keep an eye on as he transitions to the prep level.

Aidan Porter6-1/155, 5/18/99, Catches Left, Rivers School (Titans #1) - He looks the part in the crease. His size allows him to cover a lot of net. He has a quick glove and quick lower body.

Jimmy Scannell6-0/165, 6/13/99, Catches Left, St. Sebastian's (Whalers #31) - He has good size for a goaltender, covers a lot of net, challenges shooters and has quick lower body movement.

Colin Seeley, 5-9/175, 6/5/98, Catches Left, St. George's (Raiders #30) - He's undersized, but he is athletic and quick. He has good fundamentals. He moves around a little too much in the crease, but gets back in position.

Ryan Snowden, 6-3/170, 3/6/98, Catches Left, Team Comcast U18 (Raiders #1) - He has really good size, a good glove, squares up to shooters and challenged on top of the crease.

Calder Stewart, 5-8/155, 4/5/99, Catches Right, Choate (Titans #30) - He's small and doesn't fit the prototype of modern day goaltenders, but he's quick. He's graceful in the crease, but struggled with rebound control here.

Sean Storr, 6-2/160, 4/10/98, Catches Left, Quinte Red Devils (Buzzards #1) - He did a really nice job of following pucks and seeing them through traffic. He was square to shooters and covered a lot of net with his large frame.


Jeff Cox covers college, junior, high school and prep hockey, NCAA recruiting and NHL Draft prospects. Follow him on Twitter @JeffCoxSports.