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WHL Bantam Draft Prospect: K'Andre Miller

Name: K'Andre Miller

Position: Center

Team: Minnetonka(MN) High School

2014-2015 stats: 25 games 4-2-6

Miller is a very tall, lanky forward listed at 6'2" 165 lbs. with room to fill out and add a lot of strength. He made the varsity squad at his high school as a freshman this past season in one of the most competitive high school leagues in the state.

Miller is a player with a motor that runs in low gear. His skating can look rough at times and he sometimes struggles to get his feet moving. But when he's being assertive and aggressive, he can take over games, even against much older competition. At his best, he's a physical presence and can use his size to create offensive opportunities.

He has great shooting ability which gives him a very heavy snap shot with smooth release. He also has very soft hands for a bigger forward and is incredible on face-offs.

Miller is still a little raw, and his consistency needs to improve, but he has the potential to be an extremely high-end player if he continues to develop. He'll likely slip in the WHL Draft due to NCAA interest, but is talented enough that he should be picked despite that.