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WHL Bantam Draft: Erik Middendorf

Player: Erik Middendorf

Position: Forward:

Team: Phoenix Jr. Coyotes U14

2014-2015 stats: 15 games 14-10-24

Middendorf was one of the most explosive forwards in the Tier I AAA league's bantam division last season. He's an incredibly strong skater with a low center of gravity that makes him difficult to slow down or knock off the puck when he gets going.

His hands aren't quite as developed as his feet. He can struggle to make effective moves in one-on-one situations. His finishing ability is strong, however, with an above average shot.

He'll need to improve on the defensive end to become a more complete player. He spends most of his time on the ice looking to create offensive opportunities rather than helping on the defensive end. He is tenacious in puck pursuit on the offensive end, however, which shows he has the ability if he puts the effort in.