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Graham Slaggert Commits to Notre Dame

Chicago Mission U16 forward Graham Slaggert has committed to Notre Dame, where his father Andy is an assistant coach. Slaggert is the third, and certainly not the last, member of the Mission U16 team to make a college commitment, joining Sean Dhooghe, who committed to Ohio State last April, and Cole Coskey, who committed to Miami on Sunday.

Like his fellow committed teammates, Slaggert is considered to be near the top of the '99-born age group in the US. He was ranked the 50th-best forward at this summer's National Select 15 Festival, by our Jeff Cox. He was also the only player from outside Minnesota to participate in the Minnesota Hockey Model Camp this summer at Mariucci Arena(his dad served as an assistant coach at the camp). Here is what we wrote about him:

Graham Slaggert, '99, Chicago Mission- Nothing flashy, but just a really smart, solid hockey player.

Slaggert is the first '99-born player to commit to Notre Dame, and is likely the first player in their 2017 recruiting class.