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USA Hockey Select 16 Festival: Predicting the All-Star Rosters

Kieffer Bellows didn't have a good week offensively, but he made his physical presence known.
Kieffer Bellows didn't have a good week offensively, but he made his physical presence known.
Matt Christians

AMHERST, NY -- Saturday marked the conclusion of pool play at the 2014 USA Hockey Select 16 Festival. Team Kelly will meet Team Grey in the championship game as winners of the American and National groups, respectively. That game will be played at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning followed by an All-Star game at 10:30 a.m.

Jeff Cox unveils his picks for the 24 forwards, 12 defensemen and 4 goalies who should make the All-Star rosters. Keep in mind that players on Team Kelly and Team Grey are excluded from participation due to playing in the championship game.

On Monday, his complete player rankings and evaluations from the entire Select 16 Festival will be posted.

The players are not listed in any order except for how the teams were laid out in the scout book. It's also important to remember some good players won't make the roster.

Forwards: Evan Wisocky, Eric Esposito, Brandon Puricelli, Sam Sternschein, Jon Russell, William Knierman, Kaden Pickering, Jack Gates, Chris Grando, Michael Fahie, David Cohen, Kailer Yamamoto, Max Gerlach, Richard Murphy, John Leonard, Cole Gallant, Kieffer Bellows, Logan Drevitch, Henry Crone, Monte Graham, Marcus Dickerson, Dante Palecco, John DeRoche, Justin Cmunt

Defensemen: Cole Hults, Luke McInnis, Dennis Cesana, Adam Karashik, Casey Staum, Colin McCabe, Ty Farmer, Jake Ryczek, Michael Underwood, Andrew Peeke, Harmon Sorensen, Samuel Rossini

Goaltenders: Ryan Keane, Dante Rasmussen, Eric Dop, Stephen Dhillon


Jeff Cox covers college, junior and high school hockey, NCAA recruiting and NHL Draft prospects. Follow him on twitter @JeffCoxSports.