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NTDP's Auston Matthews Reportedly "50/50" on NCAA vs. CHL

Bruce Bennett

Providence is hosting an exhibition game against the NTDP U18 team tonight--Jeff Cox is covering the game for us tonight, and will have more on it later--but in the meantime, Mark Divver, writer at the Providence Journal tweeted some interesting information on U18 super-recruit Auston Matthews.

Matthews is a late '97-birthdate, so only in the 11th grade, but there is the possibility for him to accelerate his studies and play in the NCAA next season.

It would be huge for any of those four programs to land Matthews, a Jack Eichel-like talent who, while it's still early, could be in the running for the first overall pick in the 2016 NHL Draft. If the comparisons to Eichel seem far-fetched, keep in mind that Matthews arguably out-performed Eichel at last year's World U18 Championships.