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NCAA Approves Earlier Contact Date for Hockey Recruits

Players can start being contacted on January 1st of their 10th grade year.

Bruce Bennett

The NCAA Board of Directors approved legislation last weekend that will allow NCAA hockey coaches to contact potential recruits as of January 1st of their sophomore year of high school, and removes limits on the number of phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media messages a coach can send to a prospective student-athlete.

The previous date for coaches to make first contact was June 15th after a prospect's sophomore year. The earlier start date is important, because it will allow coaches to reach out to prospective players prior to being drafted in the OHL and QMJHL junior drafts.

There are ways for college coaches to work around the system to recruit players before that date, but that is dependent on the player making contact with the school. This rule change would allow coaches to reach out to players that may not necessarily be considering college hockey as seriously, and allow coaches to make their pitch for why it is the best route of development.